American Horror Story season 2 has a twist ending. Its 1st episode of “Dollhouse” revealed the come back of some notable characters that were last seen in American Horror Story: Coven.

American Horror Story

American Horror Story’s “Dollhouse” proves that season 2 has returned with a massive improvement:

The twist ending of Episode 1 of “Dollhouse” Of America Horror Story season 2 presents an incredible connection with AHS: Coven. The first season of the series may have mixed reviews, but the cast and characters of “Dollhouse” proves that season 2 has returned with a massive improvement. Season 2, Episode 1 not only showcased a repeated cast member Denis O’Hare but it also brought an iconic character from the original series.

“Dollhouse” follows Coby, the character played by Kristine Froseth, in 1961 Mississippi as she interviews for a position at a doll factory, only for the discomforting toymaker, Mr. Van kidnaps her for a different kind of trial. Coby then reaches a large estate that also had a home and later which turned into a dollhouse, the other girls were also trapped there. While performing various tests, Van Wirt forces the girls to dress up like big size dolls, if they failed to dress up properly they were thrown into the well to die but if they succeed, they will become the new mothers of his son Otis.

American Horror Story

In the end of the American Horror Story season 2, episode 1 Coby won the contest:

As the American Horror Story season 2, episode 1 comes to an end, the girls create a risky plan to escape and later they discovered that Coby has magical powers that will help them to escape. By the end of Dollhouse, it’s revealed that the derivative portion serves as a real story for Spalding but this is not the only connection of the episode with Caven. Alongside the appearances of three witches, Dollhouse twisted ending made Coby in the witch school’s history while explaining various important mysteries about the coven’s strange butler.

In the ending of 1st episode of American Horror Story season 2, Coby created an escape plan for herself, Aurelia, Harlene, and O’Hare. As the girls were dressed up like big size dolls and were placed in the room, Aurelia and Harlene runaway from the estate whereas Coby entered the main estate to recover Otis. Mr. Van Wirt knew the plan of girls so he sent Eustace to kill two girls and later Mr. Van revealed that Coby won the contest due to her trust for his son.

American Horror Story
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