Amarinder Singh’s Punjab Lok Congress in alliance with BJP and Dhindsa Party

Former Punjab CM Amarinder Singh, who recently launched his 'Punjab Lok Congress' party
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Former Punjab CM Amarinder Singh, who recently launched his ‘Punjab Lok Congress’ party on Monday (December 6) has announced that he will have alliance with the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and Sukhdev Singh Dhindsa party. He will participate in the next Punjab Conference.

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He said, ‘Actually the decision has been taken and will be decided now. We will make changes of seats with the Dhindsa sahib (SAD sayukt) group.

Expressing confidence that his party will form the government in the upcoming elections, Singh said, “Our aim is to win the Punjab Council election and we will win it.”

The former Punjab CM on Monday reopened his party headquarters in Chandigarh and announced that the membership drive to join the Punjab Lok Congress has begun.

“A district committee has been formed to involve people in the party,” he said.

Former Congress leader Captain Amarinder Singh resigned as Punjab CM in early September and left the party after months of disagreement.

He launched his ‘Punjab Lok Congress’ party in November.


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