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Alice Walton comes second among the richest women in the world with her highest earnings. She is the daughter of Samuel Walton who founded Walmart and is currently a chairperson of Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art.

Alice Walton

Alice Walton Biography

Alice Louise Walton is the daughter of Walmart founder Samuel Walton. She is ranked as the 20th-richest person and the second richest woman in the world as of 2022.

Alice Walton was raised in Bentonville, Arkansas, She completed her B.A. degree in economics and finance from Trinity University in San Antonio and then started working at her father’s company.

Soon, Alice resigned from her post for performing some financial jobs, ultimately she opened her own investment bank named Llama Company, but after a period of 10 years she closed it down.

Simultaneously, she began raising cutting horses and also started doing philanthropic work. Alice Walton helped liberally with the funding for setting up Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport and became the driving force behind its formation.

As Alice always had an interest in art, she became a fully devoted art collector, and eventually established the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in her hometown Bentonville, which dedicated the same to American art and artists. She currently holds the position of its chairperson.

Alice Walton

Alice Walton Early Life

Alice Walton Age, Family and Father

Alice Walton was born on 7 October 1949 to a father Samuel Moore Walton who was the founder of Walmart Inc. and to a mother Helen Robson Walton who was a prominent art advocate and also the business partner of her father. She was born in Newport, Arkansas.

She has four siblings all are brothers and she is the youngest one. Her brothers are Samuel Robson Walton, John Thomas Walton, and Jim Carr Walton. Within a year after her birth, her family moved to Bentonville, a city in the northeastern part of Arkansas.

They opened their first store named “Walton’s 5 & 10” in Bentonville and also settled down there. As a child, she was interested in art, At the age of 10, she purchased her first piece of art which was a reproduction of Picasso’s ‘Blue Nude’.

Whenever she went on a camping trip with her family, she used to play outdoors, ride horses, and paint watercolors with her mother.

Alice Walton

Alice Walton Education

She completed her education at Bentonville High School in 1967, where she took a part in the Spanish Club, Art Club, and Honor Society. She also played the role of a supporting actor in “Pardon My Millions.”

Alice Walton joined Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas in 1967, and in 1971 she completed her graduation with a B.A. degree in Economics and Finance.

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Alice Walton

Alice Walton Career

  • Shortly after graduating from Trinity, Alice Walton began her career at Walmart as a buyer of children’s clothes. However, she was not really good at it and therefore left the job to become an equity analyst and money manager for First Commerce Corporation, where she worked for a brief period.
  • After leaving First Commerce Corporation she served as the vice chairperson and head of all investment-related activities at the family-owned Arvest Bank Group for a brief period. Later, she moved to New Orleans, where she took a job as a broker with the stock brokerage firm, E.F. Hutton.
  • In 1979, Walton, along with ten other Hutton employees, was accused of making aggressive options trading by the Securities and Exchange Commission. Although she claimed that she did not violate any law, she accepted a settlement just to avoid long litigation and was suspended from dealing in securities for six months.
  • By the middle of the 1980s, she returned to Arkansas, where she set up a farm to raise cutting horses. Concurrently, she also started taking interest in the family business. Eventually, in 1988, she established an investment bank called Llama Company as a subsidiary of Walton Enterprises.
  • Named after a llama she received as a gift, the bank underwrote bonds, provided asset management, and also loans to other companies. Serving as its president, chairwoman, and CEO, Walton worked with enthusiasm to lift the economy of Northwest Arkansas, which at that time was ignored by Wall Street.
  • Llama Company ran for ten years before it became defunct in 1998. However, the 1990s also brought her two major successes: becoming the first person to chair the Northwest Arkansas Council was one of them while the opening of the Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport (1998) was the other.
  • In 1998, after Llama Company closed down, she retired from the world of high finance to spend more time with her horses, moving her farm to Texas in the same year. Situated on 3,200 acres of land, her Rocking W Ranch soon became one of the top breeders of cutting horses.
  • Although she lived mainly in Texas, looking after her horses, she continued to return to Bentonville, collecting pieces of art throughout the 2000s. Eventually, in November 2011, she established the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, in Bentonville, with the intention of showcasing American art.
  • In 2015, she sold her ranch and moved to Fort Worth, Texas, to be nearer to Crystal Bridges because she felt that it needed her attention more. She has been living there since then.[1]
  • As of January 2012, Walton had contributed $200,000 to Restore Our Future, the super PAC associated with Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign. Alice donated $353,400 to the Hillary Victory Fund, a joint fundraising committee supporting Clinton and other Democrats, in 2016.
  •  In 2016, Walton and other Walmart heirs donated $407 million in Walmart shares to a Family Trust which finances its philanthropy.[2]
Alice Walton

Alice Walton Awards and Achievements

Alice Walton Net Worth

Alice Wilton’s estimated net worth in 2022 is about $60.5 Billion.

Alice Louise Walton is the daughter of Walmart founder Samuel Walton. She is ranked as the 20th-richest person and the second richest woman in the world as of 2022.

Alice Walton’s fortune is up by an estimated $3.5 billion over the past year thanks to rising Walmart stock. She was the world’s richest woman in 2020 but lost her spot to Francoise Bettencourt Meyers.

Alice Walton’s Personal Life

Alice Walton Boyfriend

Alice Walton married two times. First, she married a Louisiana investment banker in 1974 but their relationship ended in two and a half years and they both got divorced. Afterward, Alice married a contractor but that marriage also didn’t last long.

As Alice is a philanthropist, she has donated millions to different causes. She with her brother Jim is leading a program that will provide $300 million in bonds for the charter schools so that they can invest in facilities.

In her honor, the terminal at the Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport has been named Alice L. Walton Terminal.

Alice Walton

Walton has been involved in multiple automobile accidents, one of them fatal. She lost control of a rented Jeep during a 1983 Thanksgiving family reunion near Acapulco and plunged into a ravine, shattering her leg. She was airlifted out of Mexico and underwent more than two dozen surgeries; she suffers lingering pain from her injuries.

In April 1989, she struck and killed 50-year-old Oleta Hardin, who had stepped onto a road in Fayetteville, Arkansas. In 1998, she hit a gas meter while driving under the influence of alcohol. She paid a $925 fine.[2]

Alice Walton Quotes

Alice Walton Quotes
Alice Walton Quotes

Did Alice Walton have kids?

She married twice, but the wedding was brief, and she never had children. Walton bought land and built a ranch on which she reared competitive show horses. This turned into a long-term hobby. Walton’s mother taught her to decorate and appreciate art, and it became a lifelong passion for her.

Is Alice Walton Sam’s daughter?

Alice Walton is Walmart founder Sam Walton’s only daughter. She has chosen to curate art rather than work for Walmart such as her brothers, Rob and Jim. In her small home town of Bentonville, Arkansas, she started opening the Crystal Bridges Gallery of American Art in 2011.

Who is the richest Walton heir?

Meet Walmart eldest son Lukas Walton, the one of the world’s richest millennials, with a US$20 billion total wealth at the age of 36, who prefers philanthropy to the retail empire founded by his grandfather, Sam Walton.