Alex Aniston's Net worth Biography with amazing facts
Alex Aniston’s Net worth Biography with amazing facts

Alex Aniston’s Bio/ Wikipedia

Alex Aniston was born in Los Angeles, California, as the youngest son of the famous actor John Aniston. Who is popular and famous as the half-brother of famous actress Jeniffer Aniston.

Though he belongs to a very star-studded family he never likes to show off his family background, and Alex never tried to associate or involve himself with his family’s background. Today in this story we shall take a look at the life of this humble-hearted personality in detail.

Early Life

Alex Aniston Age/ birthday

When it comes to the topic regarding his early life his birthday is most important, Who was born on 2 May 1989 in California Los Angles in a celerity family. Every years who celebrates his birthday on 2 May with his friends of full of enjoyment . According to his date of birth Alex Aniston’s Age is 33 years old as of 2022. He has entirely spent his childhood in his hometown California and he completed his Schooling education from his hometown .

Like other successful star kids who follow in their star parents’ footsteps to become successful actors. But this celebrity kid has different choices and interests. He was never interested in becoming an actor like his father or half-sister Jeniffer Aniston. Rather he has been very interested in animals and their skulls since his very early childhood.

Alex Aniston Education

He had completed his early schooling at a local school in California. But He never talks about his educational qualifications in detail. This is the main reason his educational college and university details are not available on the sources. But no doubt He had completed his graduation degree.

Alex Aniston career/Occupation

Alex Aniston has a very creative nature mind and loves to travel a lot. He had been selling animal skulls and even cleaning animal skulls and earns for a living. His lifestyle came into the limelight during Burning’s man film festival. Not just that he even makes his own clothes. One of his friends stated that he is such a creative person that he would even make his own bike out of an original bike.

Unlike his father and his step-sister, he did not take up acting as his career. He started his first job as a street vendor. After that, he was engaged with an actor, and then he even tried his luck in different fields including acting, singing, and music. For quite a time he worked in the entertainment industry as an actor, screenwriter, and musician. But due to his personal life controversies, he did not get much attention in the industry.

Also, he has been depicted as a careless father in front of the media.  Later he moved on from the entertainment industry and currently according to reports he has started selling animal skulls for a living. Even his friends from high school had mentioned that Alex Aniston has a great fantasy of collecting, cleaning, and selling animal skulls. 


As of now, Alex has not received any awards but we hope that he will soon receive one.


Alex Aniston Parents

Alex Aniston's Net worth Biography with amazing facts
Alex Aniston’s Net worth Biography with amazing facts

We are talking about his family, He belongs to one of the most famous families in Hollywood consisting of actors. His father John Aniston appeared in dozens of movies and TV shows, His father John Aniston has some very famous and important roles as an actor in American Dreams and Diagnosis murder. His mother John Aniston‘s second wife Sherry Rooney is famously known as a former model, actress, social media star, and media celebrity.

Alex Aniston Siblings

.Even his half-sister Jeniffer Aniston is also an A-listed famous actress who is famously known for her role in F.R.I.E.N.D.S an American sitcom as Rachel Green and in movies like wanderlust, the bounty hunter. Alex is almost 20 years younger than his step-sister Jeniffer Aniston.  The identity of his step-sister is constantly rubbed on his face.

Alex Aniston Brother

Alex Aniston has on half brother John T. Melick who was born on 6 June 1959 to his mother Nancy Dow first husband John Aniston.

Alex grandfather name is Anthony Anastassakis and grandmother stella Anastassakis . In his faimily members also have aunt and uncle their names are Gustau Aniston and Mary Aniston, Helen Aniston.

Alex Aniston's Net worth Biography with amazing facts
Alex Aniston’s Net worth Biography with amazing facts

Despite belonging from such a star-studded family, Alex Aniston does not take any interest in the entertainment industry. he loves to keep himself away from all the glamour.Alex Aniston is a very humble person and shares a very warm and friendly relationship with his parents and siblings.

Personal Life

He loves to spend his time with his friends and loves to enjoy his own company keeping himself away from his famous actor family background. He had made an appearance in front of themedia back in 2004 during the premiere of his stepsister Jeniffer’s movie along with his parents.  

Alex Aniston's Net worth Biography with amazing facts
Alex Aniston’s Net worth Biography with amazing facts

Alex Aniston Wife

When the topic arises of Alex Aniston’s Girlfriend, dating, and personal life. He had two relationships. His first girlfriend was a famous model and makeup artist named Adriane Hallek. Their dating commenced in 2017, Even though they were not married, they still have two children together.

Alex Aniston Girlfriend

Their first son was named Ryat was born on 7th December 2014, and their second child was a daughter named Kira born in July 2016. But sadly even after having such a beautiful relationship, they broke up and Alex Aniston started dating Kiri Peita. The information about Kiri Peita is that she was born in Australia and raised in the US.

According to reviews, Alex Aniston lived together along with his lady friend in his rental in California. However, consistent with reviews he even broke up with Kiri Peita and is presently dwelling in an unmarried life.

Alex Aniston Body Measurements

Age33 years
Height5ft 8 inches
Eyes Color Hazel Blue
Hair Color Black 
Weight60 kgs
Zodiac signTaurus

Alex Aniston’s net worth

When it involves net worth really well worth, regardless of being the son of the sort of remarkable actor, He has an anticipated income really well. Alex Aniston’s net worth is $1000,000. Which all income from cleaning and selling animal skulls. He has a very carefree personality as he had spent most of his time in a van moving from Alaska to Los Angeles. 


  • As he belongs from a family consisting of actors he has even changed his name from Alex Aniston to Aje Nezitic and the reason for doing such a thing is that he does not want to do anything for his famous family and rather he would keep himself away.
  • He is often considered as the “black sheep” of their family.
  • The first job of Alex Aniston was as a street vendor.
  • He is a very carefree person who loves to travel a lot and for that, he even spends most of his time in his black van and does tours from Alaska to LA.
  • He is a very creative person and enjoys his own company, and does whatever he loves to do.
  • Aje Nezitic is known for his carefree and funky clothing and hairstyle and the biggest proof is the tattoo on his abdomen saying “live free” which clearly indicated his carefree nature.
  • He even lives away from his family and away from glitz and glamour in an unpleasant apartment in California.


Aje Nezitic is known as the half-brother of Famous actress Jeniffer Aniston and his father is John Aniston. He was an actor, and musician but currently, he sells animal skulls for a living. After writing about his life story, I have understood something that is best in his hardworking, Creative, and self-motivated nature that makes him different from other celebrity kids.


Who is Alex Aniston?

He is the son of famous American actor John Aniston and Sherry Rooney who is the actor’s second wife, and famous actress Jennifer Aniston’s half-brother.

who is the sibling of Alex Aniston?

He has two brothers and sisters named Jeniffer Aniston half-sister and John T. Melick half-brother

When was Alex Aniston born?

he was born on 2nd May 1989 in California.

Is Alex Aniston married?

Aje Nezitic was previously in a relationship and even has two kids from that relationship. Later he broke up and started dating another woman unfortunately they broke up. Nowadays his relashionship status is single.