Ashley Tropez
, who appeared on the Beyond Scared Straight episode of the A&E network,
was found dead.
In her Victorville, California, residence. She was 24.

 Beyond Scared Straight Star Ashley Tropez Found Dead
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Ashley Tropez of Beyond Scared Straight dies at the age of 24

A deceased corpse reported being inside a home on August 26.
And the Victorville Police Department responded.

According to the report, deputies discovered Tropez inside the house with serious injuries.
Following the discovery of the body. Authorities opened an investigation and detained a 24-year-old suspect.

According to the press release, Ashley Tropez and the suspect “may have been squatting at the residence” and knew one another.

Ashley Tropez also made an appearance on the reality Program

When Tropez was 17 years old, she made an appearance on the A&E reality program.
According to the cable network’s logline. Beyond Scared Straight showcases, innovative crime prevention initiatives designed. To keep problematic kids out of jail.

The troublesome teen Tropez’s circumstances did not improve.
A year after he was profiled on the TV program for “fighting, getting into problems, and peddling cannabis,” according to Reports.
I’m still the same person, she insisted.
I simply turn up at friends’ and family members’ homes and everywhere else. Just relaxing.