Arsenal had to work hard for the win against Orlando City, but a supreme second-half performance was eventually rewarded with another pre-season win on Wednesday against Orlando.

Arsenal vs Orlando City

The match was pulled away by Arsenal during the second half:

Arsenal won their fourth straight match during pre-season and claimed a 3-1 victory over Orlando City. On Saturday, The Gunners beat Everton and prior to that, they made five goals against Nurnberg and Ipswich Town. Gabriel Martinelli set the team on the way with an early diverted goal before halftime. Mikel Arteta made a lot of changes and they soon took control over the match. In the 66th minute, Eddie Nketiah scored the go-ahead goal, and after that Reiss Nelson took the result away when only 10 minutes were left.

It was the first time for Jesus in this pre-season that he did not get on the board even after scoring in the first two matches. Arsenal started playing on a safe side and in spite of taking an early 5th-minute lead on a goal Gabriel diverted the goal before the keeper. The match was pulled away by them during the second half when the first-choice players entered the match.

Arsenal vs Orlando City
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It was Nketiah who kicked the match-winning goal for Arsenal:

In the first half of the match, Orlando City was making hard scores and with log balls that made it difficult for Arsenal and they were at their weak point. Nuno Tavares and Pablo Mari of Arsenal were on their toes at the momentary equalizer by Facundo Torres. Before beating past goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale, the Uruguayan beat both of them. Arsenal started coming in form when their few more players of the first unit entered the match, ensuring that the Gunners will continue to carry positive momentum.

Jesus came off the bench against Orlando City after scoring against Everton to begin the second half of the match his energy was immediately noticed by the opponents giving Arsenal their positive momentum again in the game. It was Nketiah who kicked the match-winning goal, but the play was started by Jesus. The duo was later joined by Nicolas Pepe a right winger and Bukayo Saka, they were buzzing around the penalty area.

Arsenal vs Orlando FC