All-star Game 2022 was presented by Mastercard on Tuesday night to assure a 3-2 comeback win over the National League. The All-Star win was their ninth direct win in the Midsummer Classic and in the All-Star Game to 47-43, they improved their all-time record.

All-Star Game 2022

All-Star Game 2022 had every single thing from flourishing homers to mic’d up superstars:

Every year Midsummer Classic is always filled with memories and in the game’s history, 92nd was no different. This All-Star Game 2022 had every single thing from flourishing homers to mic’d up superstars. Here are some of the best moments of the All-Star game 2022:

  • Miguel Cabrera was introduced as an All-Stars for the 12th time for the American League and Albert Pujols for the 11th time for the National League. They both were the special selections for the All-Star Game 2022.

  • With a special pregame ceremony, the Dodgers, the All-star Game 2022, and the MLB host paid tribute to Jackie Robinson. Rachel Robinson, widow of Jackie was honored with an in-game video tribute as it was her 100th birthday on the 19th of July.
All-Star Game 2022
  • In All-Star Game 2022, Mookie Betts made his first RBI and also his first hit since All-Star Game 2016.
  • Shohei Ohtani said that he was looking forward to the “First pitch. First swing”. Later to begin the Midsummer Classic he bound the very first pitch from Clayton Kershaw towards the center field for a base hit.
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  • Cardinals reliever Ryan Helsley and Aroldis Chapman were the only pitchers who hit 103 mph at the All-Star Game 2022 in the pitch-tracking era, since 2008. Ryan’s eight pitches in three digits were second highest in the All-Star Game.
  • Paul Goldschmidt, the seven-time All-Star batted the first ever home run of the All-Star Game 2022, where he crushed a 109 mph, 415-foot home run and gave a lead of 2-0 to the NL in the first.

  • For taking some entertaining rapid-fire interviews of the All-Stars, David Ortiz who is a Red Sox legend took over the AL dugout in the fifth inning.
All-Star Game 2022
  • For creating some fun moments for the TV viewers, many of the All-Stars of both teams were mic’d up while playing the game.
  • Kershaw started his first All-Star Game in 2022 and he finally got a chance to do it at Dodger Stadium in front of his home crowd. He is considered to be one of the greatest pitchers of his generation. Kershaw became the 13th pitcher to begin the All-Star Game 2022 in his home park, and the second to start one in L.A. as a Dodgers pitcher.
  • Giancarlo Stanton and Byron Buxton hit back-to-back home runs that changed the whole game from going down 2-0 to a 3-2 lead in the fourth inning. Since 2015, Stanton’s home run was the hardest hit ever recorded in an All-star Game and the second longest home run behind Vladimir Guerrero Jr.‘s.
All-Star Game 2022
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