Home Alone McCallister house
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Christmas is coming and many of us have to plan what to do or how to sleep with children and toddlers. In a shocking turn of events, the real house of the infamous film Home Alone will be available on Airbnb with a nightclub.

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If Home Alone was your favorite Christmas movie, and living in that luxurious house was on your bucket list, your dream may come true.

Fans of the once home-alone film can now make their dreams come true by staying outside McCallister house this holiday season.

Entering social media, Airbnb announced this by renting a house famous for the most talked about film of the 1990s.

Celebrate the animal season with McCallister house style. For the first time, a criminal gang can book a holiday and go home to the timeless home where the Home Alone case (without the disruption of outside criminals) started, “Airbnb post in Instagram.

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According to the Daily Mail, a Chicago-based mansion will be available for booking from December 7th. Sleeping will cost $ 25 (approximately Rs 1,874). According to reports, those who booked their place will only be able to spend time on December 12th. Reservations are available for more than four guests. Meanwhile, guests will be welcomed by actor Devin Ratray, who played the role of Kevin McAllister (written by Macaulay Culkin) and his older brother, Buzz. Raatre will take over the rest of the night in his children’s home.