BMW X7’s
facelift is
unbearably ugly. The rest of this SUV’s improvements. For the 2023 model year more than makeup for its poor appearance.

Review 2023 BMW X7

BMW X7: The King of SUVs has more power and new features

The full-size BMW X7 is more alluring than ever thanks to new mild-hybrid engines.
A stylish interior.
And the most advanced multimedia and active safety technology. Just a little bit more difficult to look at.

Of course, styling is a personal preference. And I’ll concede that certain 2023 X7 iterations are more pleasing than others.
Only the BMW X7 xDrive40i with the M Sport pack and the more potent X7 M60i have peculiar droopy black goth fangs.
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New BMW X7 2023 Facelift - FIRST LOOK exterior & interior

All variants use BMW’s new split headlight design.

Stick with a regular xDrive40i Luxury, like the SUV shown here, if you want to do yourself a favor. It’s cleaner, but it’s still weird.
Even without taking into account individual design preferences.
I would choose the BMW X7 xDrive40i as BMW anticipates the majority of customers will.

A brand-new 3.0-liter turbocharged straight-6 engine with 48-volt mild-hybrid assist powers the xDrive40i.
And produces 398 pound-feet of torque and 380 horsepower.
The base BMW X7 is expected to reach 60 mph in less than 6 seconds, according to BMW, which feels conservative.
The 3.0-liter engine never seems slow or weak because of its robust, rapid torque delivery.
The excellent eight-speed automatic transmission deserves praise as well for operating well in the background.

The straight-six engine is so impressive that the X7 M60i actually feels like excess.
Launch control, the M60i doesn’t significantly alter the X7’s general on-road character. It just seems like power for the sake of power.
No matter what powertrain is in the X7. The adaptive air suspension does a fantastic job of maintaining the behemoth’s balance.
Driving the X7 is as smooth and pleasurable. As spreading room-temperature butter on toast.
Even with enormous 23-inch wheels. This is the ideal tuning for a large, luxurious SUV.

All the new driver-assistance technologies that BMW debuted on the 2023 7 Series are included in the X7.
Including the useful hands-free Highway Assistant with lane-changing capabilities.
That I originally drove in an electric i7 prototype.
 2023 BMW X7 pops up with their new design language

The BMW X7 will add the 7 Series’ remote control smartphone integration later this year.

BMW’s upgraded automated parking technologies are also accessible. Have a small garage or a narrow driveway? This will make controlling the X7 simple.
Trailer Assist is one BMW X7-only function that is brand-new to BMW but not to the auto industry as a whole.
The iDrive knob can be used to regulate the direction of travel when a trailer is connected to the X7. Eliminating the need for steering guesswork.
This technology is a godsend if you’re not an expert when it comes to towing. Because it is similar to what Ford offers on its F-150 pickup.
The eighth-generation software for BMW is related to the iDrive controller.

And is gradually making its way throughout the company’s lineup.
iDrive 8 is located on a huge, curved display that occupies two-thirds of the dashboard.
 2023 BMW X7 M60i xDrive
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And has a 14.9-inch infotainment screen also, to a 12.3-inch digital gauge cluster.

Although iDrive 8 gets easier the more I use it, there is still a significant learning curve at first.

If you like goofy gesture controls, BMW has them built in. Additionally, Apple Car Play and Android Auto can connect wirelessly, which is fantastic.
Other interior changes to the BMW X7 include shorter air vents.
A new electronic gear selector, standard vegan upholstery. And an illuminated ambient light bar on the right side of the dash.
These are all quite modest changes.
Although the third row is somewhat cramped, adults can fit back there in a hurry without much fuss.
The optional second-row captain’s seats are incredibly comfortable and can be folded out of the way.
 Reviews BMW X7
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Price of 2023 BMW X7:
The starting price for the 2023 BMW X7 is $78,845 for the xDrive40i, plus $995 for delivery.
The X7 M60i with a V8 engine costs a staggering $104,095, and it comes with a lot more standard equipment. The xDrive40i is the better option.
Even with 23-inch wheels, better leather, and every available premium, driver-assistance, and comfortable option.
The out-the-door cost of one can be kept under $60,000.

Undoubtedly the wiser purchase, unless you actually require the V8’s power (which you don’t).
All things considered, the 2023 X7 is as fantastic as it has ever been and competes fiercely with vehicles.
 2023 BMW X7 Hands-On First Impressions
Like the Mercedes-Benz GLS-Class and Land Rover Range Rover are well-rounded rivals.
The BMW X7 doesn’t look nearly as beautiful as it once did, which is one of BMW’s biggest drawbacks.
Yet, there is a plethora of interior beauty to appreciate if your eyes can see past that odd design.

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