American Model Annie Bakes Inspiring Story & Biography

 American Model Annie Bakes Inspiring Story & Biography
American Model Annie Bakes Inspiring Story & Biography


Annie Bakes whose real name is Anicka Bakes. She is a former model but rather than that she is much more famous for being the former wife of a famous basketball player, Dennis Rodman. She worked as a model but luckily her luck did not support her and she faced an accident. She has struggled a lot to establish a career for herself. Today in this article we shall discuss Dennis Rodman’s ex-wife and her achievements.

Who is Annie Bakes?

 American Model Annie Bakes Inspiring Story & Biography
American Model Annie Bakes Inspiring Story & Biography

She is an American former model who is famously known as the former wife of Dennis Rodman. She began her career in the modeling industry and worked as a lingerie model. She started to work as a model at the very early age of 16 and she was perfect for that. Annie had made a name for herself in the modeling industry.

Annie Bakes Early Life:

Annie Bakes was born in a Christian family on 31st January 1965 in California. Talking about her childhood, Annie Bakes was brought up by her single mother and her life was very hard since her childhood days. Her father was not around them, and other than that her mother suffered from obesity. Even Annie’s mother cleaned her classmates’ houses to run their family, but this created a huge barrier between both mother and daughter.

Annie could not make many friends since her very early childhood days and the result was she shifted a lot from one place to another. Apart from the information about her mother, nothing much information is available regarding her father and her siblings. Talking about her academics Annie Bakes is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania.

Annie Bakes Struggle in The Modelling Industry:

Everyone thinks that the modeling industry is a glamorous side of the world. But there is a lot of struggle and hard work that the models need to face before earning a name for themselves. As in the above points, it is mentioned that Annie Bakes and her mother didn’t maintain a very good relationship which resulted in secureness and she was tormented hugely by her mother since her childhood.

But this made her a strong woman as she had faced huge trauma. She decided to run away from her house and build a career in modeling. This time her luck was shining and she became a model and started to earn money. This was just the first step of her struggle with which she claimed the next steps of her modeling career to establish herself. 

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Annie Bakes Career:

 American Model Annie Bakes Inspiring Story & Biography
American Model Annie Bakes Inspiring Story & Biography

Talking about her career. Annie Bakes worked really very hard and worked as a model for several years. At the young age of 16, she was noticed by a model agent in a shopping mall who told her that she would do great in the modeling industry. Then at the beginning of her career, she had done print commercials for adult-oriented magazines, and then she began working as a model for several swimwear and lingerie brands.

She had modeled for numerous agencies and companies to date. Apart from that, she had even tried her hand in the adult modeling industry, because of her perfect exquisite figure. But doing all these contacts and working as a model didn’t help her a lot to meet the end of her needs and she even worked in nightclubs. Other than this she appeared as Ford‘s model in the year 1986. But unfortunately, her modeling career did not last for a longer period of time and fate did not help her and she met with a car accident which resulted in many scars and wounds left on her body. Hence she started hosting nightclubs in Los Angeles.

Annie Bakes Personal Life:

Some people get famous for their careers and some people get famous because of their partners. In the case of Annie Bakes, her marriage with Dennis Rodman made her famous. Annie and Dennis met each other during a club hosting in Los Angeles. The relationship with Dennis Rodman made a turning point for Annie Bakes as he helped Annie a lot financially and mentally to cope with her life.

The couple hooked up in 1986 because at the first instance Dennis found Annie Bakes very attractive and so did she which resulted in liking and after dating each other the couple initially started staying in a live-in relationship. During this time Dennis used to bring Annie with him as his girlfriend during his matches which showed how straightforward he was.

After a year they lived together, Dennis proposed to Annie, and following that in the year 1990 Annie Bakes gave birth to her one and only daughter. Alexis Rodman made their relationship much stronger and besides living together and having a child together. The couple took their relationship one step forward and they tied the knot and exchanged vows on September 28, 1992.

 American Model Annie Bakes Inspiring Story & Biography
American Model Annie Bakes Inspiring Story & Biography

Unfortunately, their marriage did not last long and both of them decided to part ways in 1993. Their marriage and relationship were not sunshine in Annie’s life. Annie described the main reason behind their divorce as that “living with Dennis was like living in hell”.

Everything might seem perfect from the outside, but Annie had faced a lot as Dennis gave her a host of diseases. Including herpes, gonorrhea, and chlamydia. Further, she even said that Annie had become seven times pregnant during their relationship and was forced to abort four times and two times she miscarriage. At last, she gave birth to their only child. Annie Bakes even explained that her relationship wasn’t free of violence at all.

After taking a divorce from Dennis Rodman, Annie was living a single life but back in 2011. Some rumors were confirmed that she had married a policeman but all these are just rumors related to her no proof has been found to date.

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Annie Bakes Age:

Talking about her age as of 2022 her age is 57 and other than that she is gifted with a beautiful mesmerizing figure. With blonde hair and a pair of brown eyes which makes the model extremely attractive. Other than being a model and a celebrity Annie Bakes is known to be very down-to-earth.

Annie Bakes Net Worth:
 American Model Annie Bakes Inspiring Story & Biography
American Model Annie Bakes Inspiring Story & Biography

Her exact net worth is not known but after her divorce from Dennis Rodman she published a book called “white girls don’t bounce”. In this book, Annie had described the time of her life when she had been living with Dennis. By publishing this book people took a lot of interest and Annie Bakes made a huge amount of money.

Other than publishing books she makes money from the assets and the property gifted by her ex-husband. Other than that as of today, she is seen to endorse and publish several brands and her estimated net worth is $1.4 million. She is even connected with “PETA” and also works over there.

Some of The Lesser Known Facts About Annie Bakes:

  • She started modeling at a very young age of 16.
  • She was in a live-in relationship with Dennis Rodman before tying a knot with him in 1992.

  • She faced a lot of struggles since her childhood days and ran away from her home to take up modeling as her career.

  • Other than modeling she even worked as a hostess in nightclubs in Los Angeles.

  • Her modeling career could not go long as she met with an accident in the year 1986 which left her body full of scars and marks.

  • She also wrote several books after her divorce and the most famous among them is “White Girls don’t bounce”.

  • She had faced an awful marriage with Rodman and in an interview, she said she had managed to move. Now she is living a very happy life. 

  • In her book, she has advised young women to stay away from abusive relationships and she even shared her experience when she had lived with Dennis Rodman.  

 American Model Annie Bakes Inspiring Story & Biography
American Model Annie Bakes Inspiring Story & Biography



Question:- How old is Annie Bakes?

Answer:- As of 2022, her age is 57 years.

Question:- Where is she now?

Answer:- Currently she lives in California with her current husband.

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