Young thug  was born  in Atlanta, Georgia on 16th Aug, 1991. His mother had 2 childs of which he is the 2nd number

Young Thug Biography

During his teenage he used to do bad things and start gambling and loved the high of taking diff  risks. Later he got into big drug addiction and crime like violence

When he was 17year old, he became a fatherof 1 son . this is time when he start understanding his interest for music and rapping.

Rapper Gucci Mane was very happy by Young Thug’s 1st mixtape titled ‘I  he signed young in his label.

Young Thug Career

After that year, young thug  out his 1st single track ‘Stoner’ ‘Danny Glover’. Both songs become hit and remixed by multiple known industry big  rappers

All of his mixtapesbecome  hit, but one of them has done extraordinary well. ‘Barter 6’ track was ranked number 22 on Billboard 200

World knows Young Thug is now big celebrity rapper , but he cannot keep himself out from the world of crime and voilence.

In 2015, young was jailed in charges of ‘terrorist threats’ when he try  to end guard life working at Atlanta mall.

Famous Young Thug's rapper net worth is Around to be $8 million. His music style was different and some call him eccentric.

Famous Rapper Young Thug Net Worth

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