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XXXTentacion was an American rapper. He was musically inclined since childhood. He was known for his raw and adventurous style.

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XXXTentacion release snippets and full versions of their songs on SoundCloud and became very popular.

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XXXTentacion's  style was different from the beginning, he never followed any notes and patterns.He took a name for himself which was for the unknown temptation

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He also had to go to jail for his early anti-social activities.After coming back from prison, he formed a group called Members.

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He started his music career in 2013 by releasing his first song News/Flock.

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XXXTentacion was born on 23 Jan 1998 in Florida. He spent his childhood in an area like Pompano Beach.

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On June 18, 2018, he was leaving a motorsports store in Florida when two men in an SUV shot and killed him.

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He was arrested for many anti-social activities, arrested thrice in 2019, for which he had spent a year in jail

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He was arrested for a previous settlement of several crimes, after which he was also released in 2017.

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Due to his aggressive nature, there was a fight with many people and due to this, he was also murdered.