Will Smith is big American actor, who start his career as a rapper, along with DJ Jazzy Jeff &  Ready Rock C.

Willard Christopher Smith, Jr. born on Sep 25, 1968, to father Willard C. Smith, the owner of a big company, & Caroline, member of the 'School Board 

will was grow up in the Wynnefield, with siblings Harry and Ellen and sister Pamela.

Will made his debut in movie  Six Degrees of Separation, co-starring Stockard Channing year 1993.

With the success of the last movie, 2 years after , he cast in 'Bad Boys', action movie with actor Martin Lawrence.

will already gained huge popularity in Hollywood industry . In 1996, he played a main big role in the movie 'Independence Day'.

In 1997, will smith did film with  director Barry Sonnenfeld in  movie series of 'Men in Black', this movie become big blockbuster that time 

will smith later did movies like I Robot, shark Tale  ,Hitch  and  Pursuit of Happyness' During his career next years.

In the 2022 Oscar, Chris Rock made a joke on Will Smith's wife hair loss, which make smith angry and he go to the stage and slap the comedian chris rock 

In 2022, he win the 'Academy Award, Best Actor for his movie King Richard.

“Will Smith” has a net worth of $375 Million. According to the various online resource

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