Top Secret! is an American action comedy film. The character name of Val Kilmer is Nick Rivers, his debut role.

Kill Me Again (1989) is an American neo-noir thriller film. Val Kilmer is the lead actor, directed by John Dahl.

A biographical musical film, The Doors, starring Val Kilmer released in 1991. this film earned $34 million. 

Batman Forever is a superhero film. The film earned  $336 million and became the sixth-highest-earning film worldwide. 

Song to Song is an experimental romantic drama film released in the US(2017). The film got mixed reviews.

The Snowman is a psychological thriller. It is an international co-production between four countries.

Val is a documentary about actor Val Kilmer which premiered at the Cannes Film Festival. It showcases his life struggles.

Paydirt is a crime thriller co-directed by Val Kilmer. Kilmer also acted as Sheriff Tucker in the film.

Val Kilmer got the nomination for many awards. In 2021, he won the Critics' Choice Documentary Awards for the documentary Val.

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