Allen Weisselberg, Trump's top executive, pleads guilty to fraud in New York. He declined to help the authorities but may testify against his former employer.

He was pleads guilty of tax scheme fraud and filed a guilty plea in the Supreme court (New York).

Allen Weisselber pleads guilty of tax scheme fraud

Allen was a chief financial officer in former President Donald Trump's company, prosecuted by the Manhattan district attorney.

Allen confessed that to get out of paying taxes on excessive benefits of 15 years obtained from the business.

His charges include criminal tax fraud, grand theft, 15 felonies, fraud schemes, and manipulating company records.

Trump's organization investigated, but Allen did not commit to helping against Trump. The manhattan attorney said that Allen gives priceless testimony, which helps in a future trial.

Weisselberg agrees to pay $2 million in taxes, interest, and penalties. Trump is facing several legal threats. 

Weisselberg agrees to pay taxes, interest, and penalties.

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