Donald John Trump is the former President of America, born on 1946 in New York. He became the 45th President of America in January 2017.

Trump's Biography

His father, Frederick Christ Trump, was a successful real estate developer. Donald has five children from three wives and ten grandchildren.

Donald Trump's wife Melania Trump : In 2017, Melania Trump became only the second foreign-born first lady of the United States.

Trump makes a place in the initial Forbes list for holding a share of his family's estimated $200 million net worth.

Trump as a millionaire

In the billionaire rankings (2021), Trump came in as the wealthiest officeholder in American history with $2.4 billion.

As a real estate developer and businessman, Trump owned, managed, or licensed several hotels, golf courses, resorts, and residential properties.

Trump other Profession

The Trump administration has appointed 187 federal judges for lifetime appointments, including two Supreme Court justices.

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