Tina Turner Biography

born Anna Mae Bullock, is an American singer, actor, songwriter, dancer, and author. She is known as the "Queen of Rock" and is considered one of the most famous female rock artists.

She has sold over 100 million albums worldwide, earning her the title of one of the ultimate performers of all time by Rolling Stone magazine. But her success and fame did not come easily.

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She had to begin from scratch because she had no official musical training. Above all, she had a traumatic childhood. When she was 16, she met Ike Turner,  

whom she later married.  Ike assisted her in gaining recognition in the music industry, and she only started singing duets with him many years.

 Because Ike was an alcoholic and a cocaine addict,  she had a troubled relationship with him. He used to physically and verbally berate her. 

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After her divorce from him, she went through a major downturn in her personal and professional life, but thankfully, she turned to Buddhism, that also helped her focus better on her career.

Tina Turner Early Life

Tina Turner was birthed in Tennessee, USA, on November 26, 1939, to Zelma Priscilla & Floyd Richard Bullock. Her father supervised a group of sharecroppers. 

Turner had also been differentiated from her family members during WWII and sent to survive with her grandmother in Knoxville. After the war, she reunited with her family in Knoxville

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 and attended Flagg Grove Elementary School. She had a knack for singing from a very young age, and used to sing in the church choir.  Tina Turner was born in Tennessee, USA,

 on Nov 26, 1939, to Zelma Priscilla as well as Floyd Richard Bullock. Her father supervised a team of sharecroppers. Turner was differentiated from her parents during WWII  and sent to live with 

her grandmother in Knoxville. She returned to Knoxville with her family after the war and started attending Flagg Grove Elementary Shool. She had a natural talent for music from a young age .

Tina Turner Carrier

Private Dancer, Turner's fifth song released in 1984, is widely regarded as her breakthrough album. It gave her progress at a time when

 her career had taken a major hit due to her divorce. Tina Turner's album Private Dancer received four Grammy nominations. What's Love Got to Do with It, 

the album's hit single, became her signature song. The album was a worldwide success, becoming a best-seller in the United States and other countries.

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 Tina Turner Awards

Turner has received 12 Grammy Awards, four of which were for her groundbreaking album Private Dancer. One of the accolades was given to the hit single

 What Does Love Have to Do With It?  She gained another Grammy for the Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome music score. Back Where You Begin, Tina Live in Europe, as well as River: 

The Joni Letters are her other Grammy-winning albums.She is a member of something like the Roll Hall of Fame and the Rock. River Deep - Proud Mary, Mountain High,

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 and What's Love Got to Do with All this are all Grammy Hall of Fame recordings. She garnered the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award in 2018.

 Tina Turner Personal Life

Turner conceived her first kid, Raymond Craig when she was 18 years old. Her mother was irritated by her unwed pregnancy and threw her away from the house. 

She subsequently moved in with her new husband, Ike Turner. She married Ike in 1962 and became the stepmother to his sons from previous marriages. Ronnie Turner, the couple's son,

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 was born. Turner described their relationship as abusive on several occasions, and they divorced in 1978. Turner began a relationship with German music executive Erwin Bach in 1986,

 whom she met at a gathering while touring for Private Dancer. The couple got married in July 2013 after quite a 27-year courtship.

Tina Turner Quick Details

Full Name:   Anna Mae Bullock Birthday    26 November 1939 Age:              83 years

Father      Floyd Richard Bullock Mother      Mother Zelma ethnicity     Native American Height       1.63 m Weight       121 pounds Hair Color     Winter hair Eye Color       Dark brown Net Worth:      $250 Million

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