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His real name was Wardle Stephen Curry. He was born on March 14, 1988 in Akron, Ohio His friends used to call him Stephen.

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 Both his parents are former athletes. His sister is Sydel, who plays volleyball at the University of London.

Stephen curry is a very talented golfer. He had a record of three pointer in one session of both NBC and NAAC.

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He showed his talent by acting as a child in a Burger King commercial. He loved to play basketball since childhood, he started playing basketball at the age of 5.

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He had two daughters with Ayesha Curry, who was his wife, later he got divorced.Their first meeting was Hollywood Boulevard.

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Stephen is very talented. Stephen curry became the longest player on the Golden State Warriors roster.

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Stephen favorite TV show is 'How to Get Away With Murder'. his two favorite movies are "The Princess Diaries" and "A Walk to Remember."

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He regularly uses Ustoday.chom, Twitter, Aspen.chom, and Sports Illustrated. And spend his time.

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Many believe him to be the greatest shooter in NBA history.In his career in 2015, Stephen Curry won the NBA Most Valuable Player award

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 If Stephen had not been a basketball player, he would have been a golfer. The fastest jumpshot ever recorded was held by Sports Science.

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