Sergey Brin's car collection 

Sergey Brin is a world-famous computer scientist and Entrepreneur. He is also famously known for his fantastic car collection.

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Audi A6

In Sergey Brin's most expensive cars collection list first number is the Audi A6. Color:- Silver The price tag of  $50,000  

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Lincoln Navigator

He also owns a Lincoln Navigator in white color. This luxurious model car's   price is around $90,000.

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Tesla Model S

The third number car  is a high-tech electric car Tesla Model S. Color :- Pink Price:- $110,000

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Toyota Priu

This world famous computer sciencetiest also has an Toyota Prius. Color:- White Price:- $27,000

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Sergey Brin's Net Worth

According to the sources Sergey Brin's net worth is 7,370 crores USD  and his monthly income is  $1 Billion + as of 2022.

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