Sean Penn speaks out about the Ukraine, saying Zelenskyy will win at what cost?

Sean Penn joins Hannity interview after filming a documentary in Ukraine with president Volodymyr Zelenskyy and military forces.

The documentary Penn made in November 2021 - before Russia's invasion - was to expose Americans to Ukraine and Zelenskyy.

Penn recalled how he met Zelenskyy about a week before Russia invaded, and how the crew documented footage of the early days of the deadly assault.

"I wonder if there was anyone on Earth who knew they were born for such a day, someone who could rise to it," Penn said of Zelenskyy.

Penn and his crew were able to spend time with President Zelenskyy after the invasion, who Penn praised as having shown "extraordinary courage."

"I think that the Ukrainians will win this, but the question is, at what cost," Penn said.

"The Ukrainians are fighting for victory," said Penn. "And they're fighting to win for the same as we are: to live in freedom and dream.

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