Michael Bay's Biography

Michael Bay is a film filmmaker and producer from the United States. He is Harriet and Jim Bay's adopted son. He attended for early education Crossroads School

 in Santa Monica, California. He worked as an intern with George Lucas on the set of "Raiders of the Lost Ark" when he was fifteen years old. He decided to become a movie director after

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being inspired by the film. He received his bachelor's degree in English and film from Wesleyan University in 1986. He began his career in the music video industry, 

creating video content for popular singers such as Tina Turner, Meat Loaf, as well as Lionel Richie, and receiving MTV award nominations. "Bad Boys" was his first feature film. 

"The Rock" was his follow-up. His film "Armageddon" earned more than $553 million worldwide. "Pearl Harbor," on the other hand, failed to wow audiences.

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 Bay co-founded The Institute for the Advancement of Enhanced Perceptual Acknowledgement with Scott Gardenhour. He also established

 the production studio Platinum Dunes for Brad Fuller as well as Andrew Form, as well as rolled out re-makes of iconic horror movies including "The Texas Chain Saw Massacre".

Michael Bay Quick Details

Full Name: Michael Benjamin Bay  Birthday:  February 17, 1965 Age: 57 Years Old Father:   Jimmy Bay Mother: Harriet Bay Wife: Not married

Ethnicity:  Raised Jewish Height: 185.4 cm Weight:  149 lbs Hair Color: Medium Brown Eye Color: Blue Salary: $40 Million  Net Worth: $510 Million

Michael Bay Childhood 

Michael Bay was Birthed in Los Angeles city, California on February 17, 1965. When he was two weeks old, he was adopted by Harriet as well as Jim Bay, a CPA.

He was raised as a Jew. Susan Bay, his cousin, is the wife of Star Trek performer Leonard Nimoy. At an early age in Santa Monica, California,

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 he attended Crossroads School for Academic education. The storyboards for "Raiders of the Lost Ark" were filed by Bay, 

She was fifteen at the time. After seeing the film in the theatre, he finally agreed to become a movie director.

Michael Bay Carrier

In 1998, Bay directed and co-produced "Armageddon" with Jerry Bruckheimer. It is all about oil drillers who are assigned by NASA to divert an asteroid from colliding with Earth.

 It earned over $553 million worldwide. Bay and Scott Gardenhour founded The Institute for the Advancement of Enhanced Perception Awareness to create commercials

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 as well as other projects. Bay has produced and directed commercials for Victoria's Budweiser, Secret, Reebok, Lexus, and Nike.

In 2007, he co-produced "Transformers" with Steven Spielberg. The film grossed over $319 million domestic market more than $708 million worldwide.

Michael Bay Awards 

Michael Bay has won Best Movie as well as Best Summer Movie You Haven't Seen Yet for "Transformers," five MTV Movie Awards, as well as Best Action Sequence for "Bad Boys II", 

"Pearl Harbor", and "The Rock". His commercials have earned him numerous awards, including the Golden Lion at Cannes and the Grand Prix Clio. 

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The Directors Guild of America honored Bay in 1994 for Outstanding Directing and writing Achievement in Commercials. Bay won the ShoWest Vanguard Award

 for Outstanding Achievement in Filmmaking in 2009. He was inducted into the Transformers Hall of Fame two years later for directing the Transformer's live-action movies.

Michael Bay Personal Life

Michael Bay personal life is shrouded in mystery. He had already claimed that he was the illegitimate son of a popular 1970s director, John Frankenheimer, and that 

he was his biological father.  A DNA test, however, came back negative. He has had relationships with Lingerie model Jaime Bergman and Cara Michelle. He is currently unattached. 

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He and his two bullmastiffs, Bonecrusher as well as Grace, live in Miami, Florida. His dog Mason appeared in the movie "Transformers".

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