Merrick Brian Garland is an American lawyer born in Chicago(1952). Currently, he serves as an 86th jurist in the United States attorney general.

From 1997 to 2021, he served as the circuit judge of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit. 

From Harvard University, he completed his undergraduate and legal education. Garland's wife's name is Lynn. They both have two daughters, Rebecca and Jessica. 

Garland is partially colorblind. To match his suits and ties he uses a list.  He also wrote news articles and theatre reviews for  Harvard Crimson. 

Garland volunteered for Congressman Abner J. Mikva as a speechwriter during college summers.

Garland volunteered for Congressman

In his initial years, Garland assisted U.S. Attorney General Benjamin Civiletti. He became the chief justice of the D.C. Circuit in 2013, and his term ends on 2020. 

During his tenure as an attorney general, the justice department highlighted civil rights protection. 

Financial disclosure forms(2016) state that Garland's net worth was between $6 million and $23 million.

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