Leonardo Dicaprio Films

What's Eating Gilbert Grape is an American coming-of-age drama. Dicaprio received a nomination for an Academy award.


Romeo + Juliet is a romantic crime film based on William Shakespeare's novel. The film earned $147 million.

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Titanic is an epic romance and disaster film. It received numerous awards and established Dicaprio as a superstar.


Titanic - An Epic Romance

Catch Me If You Can is an American biographical crime comedy-drama. It received critical and commercial success. 

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Blood Diamond is a political war action thriller film. It is about diamonds mined in war zones and earned $171 million worldwide.

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The Wolf of Wall Street is a biographical black comedy crime. It earned many awards and appeared on the best of the year lists.

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Black comedy crime.

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is a comedy-drama film released in 2019. It earned $374 million worldwide.

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