Larry Page, born as Lawrence Page, is an American entrepreneur and computer scientist who, along with Sergey Brin, co-founded Google Inc

Larry Page was born to Carl Page and Gloria in Michigan. Both his parents were computer science professors. He was raised without religion.

His childhood home was full of pc and science magazines, and that make his craze for technology at an early age. and by the age of 12 he realized that he wanted to start company

He graduated from East Lansing High School in 1991 and pursued a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering from the University of Michigan

During his PhD at Stanford, he met fellow researcher Sergey Brin while working on a research project in 1995. By 1996 they had built a search engine - initially called ‘BackRub’.

In September 1998, the project, now renamed as ‘Google’, was officially incorporated as a company.

Eric Schmidt was appointed as the CEO in 2001 while Page and Brin became the presidents of products and technology, respectively.

The year 2005 was quite productive for Google. Google Maps, Blogger Mobile, Google Reader, and iGoogle were released that year.

The next year, Google acquired Youtube and introduced the chat feature in Gmail, Google entered into a partnership with China Mobile and in 2007.

In January 2011, Larry Page was made the CEO. Eric Schmidt, the former CEO, continues to serve the company as Executive Chairman

Larry Page’s biggest work is the formation of Google. Google, founded in 1998, is world's leading search engine, serving millions of users worldwide.

Larry Page married Lucinda Southworth, a research scientist, in 2007. They have one child.

Larry Page is an American entrepreneur and computer scientist who co-founded Google. As of 2022, Larry Page's net worth is $67.9 billion

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