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Kristen Stewart has always been in the limelight for her dating history. In this story, I will provide a closer look at Kristen Stewart's dating history.

Her first high-profile love relationship was with Michael Angarano. They met on the set of the indie film Speak in 2004. Subsiquecialy both started dating in 2005

and were together for four years. Always both were frequently spotted together at too many events and seemed to have a strong

 and lovely bond. But unfortunately in 2009, Their love relationship came to an end date and they into their busy schedules.

Robert Pattinson's Girlfriend Kristen Stewart's second most famous date was with her Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson.  The couple met while filming the first Twilight movie set in 2008 

and after some time they started dating shortly. As well as Their relationship became a media sensation shortly. The lovely couple dated each other for several years, 

during which the couple faced too much intense media scrutiny and speculation to relate their relationship. Unfortunately in 2012, their dating life came under strain,  

When She was caught having an affair with Huntsman director, Rupert Sanders. The scandal caused media headlines and the lovely couple eventually broke up in 2013.

Following her separation from Robert Pattinson, She started dating Alicia Cargile, a visual effects producer. They were first time spotted together in 2014 

and were frequently seen out and about together too many times. Unfortunately, their dating period was short-lived, and they separated later that year.

very next year In 2016, Kristen Stewart started dating famous musician St. Vincent, whose birth name is Annie Clark. They met while She was filming a movie in New York. 

 The couple was spotted together at various events.  However, their Dating relationship came to an end-stage after a few months.

Kristen Stewart's most recent relationship was with stylist Sara Dinkin. They were first time spotted together in 2018. However,

 their Dating life ended after one year, according to sources citing that they had simply grown apart without any reason.

In conclusion, Kristen Stewart has had a relatively very active dating life, with several high-profile celebrity relationships over the past years. 

From her first love with Michael Angarano to her most recent with Sara Dinkin, Kristen has had her best share of ups and downs in her romantic life.  

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