Justin Randall Timberlake was born on January 31 1981, in Memphis, Tennessee. They were also called as JT.

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Timberlake is a well known singer and actor. He received 69 Times nominations in his career and won the award 29 times.

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 He won the award with his solo character. their major awards three American Music Awards and Six Grammy Awards.

Due to his unique style, the Teen Cosmopolitan gave him a name of 'Sexiest Man'. Due to her style, her name was also linked with the names of many popular actress.

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His lifestyle is as famous as Justin became. He has a lot of wealth so that he lives his lifestyle very welll.

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Justin Timberlake His ex-girlfriend was Britney Spears. On which an allegation was leveled but later that allegation was proved false by the media.


His ex girlfriend was Britney Spears’s when he broke up in 2002, he gave a famous song “Cry Me a River’ in the grief of his breakup.

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He was married on 19 October 2012 with Jessica Biel in Italy. Their marriage was in the form of a bond.

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The special thing about this marriage was that Jessica had placed a condition on them that if they were caught cheating, they would have to pay the price.

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Seeing the popularity of Justin, he had a lot of fans. Justin is counted among the very popular singers.

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