Justin Roiland's Biography 

Mark Justin Roiland was born on February 21, 1980. is a voice actor, writer,  animator,  producer, and director from the US. He is best known for co-creating  Morty Adult Swim's

Rick & its subsequent franchise, for which he shares the show's title characters, & for co-creating Hulu's Solar Opposites, for which he voices the lead character, Korvo. He has also appeared on

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Adventure Time as Earl of Lemongrab and Gravity Falls as Blendin Blandin. He founded the animation company Justin Roiland's Solo Vanity Card Productions! as well as the video game company Squanch Games.

Justin Roiland Early Life 

Roiland was raised and brought up in the California town of Manteca. He attended Sierra High School until the initial quarter of his senior year, after which he moved to 

 Manteca High School for the rest of his senior year, earning a degree in 1998. He started attending Modesto Junior College in Modesto, California after high school. Roiland suffers from dyslexia.

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Justin Roiland Career 

Justin Roiland became engaged to Channel101, an L.A. media collective founded by Dan Harmon and Rob Schrab, where he produced & acted in several film shorts including 2 Girls One Cup

The Show, House of Cosbys, and a bit part as a recording artist Christopher Cross in the series Yacht Rock, as well as the VH1 television show Acceptable TV. He was known as "Blonde Craig"

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on The Sarah Silverman Show on Comedy Central. He founded The Grandma's Virginity Podcast of future Rick & Morty writer Ryan Ridley & future Steven Universe production company Jackie Buscarino from 2010 to 2016.

Adult Swim tried to approach Harmon in 2012 about developing a brand-new animated version for their network. Harmon approached Roiland, and the two collaborated to create Rick and Morty, 

which premiered in 2013 to widespread acclaim. As viewers praised the display for its unique story storytelling telling and inclusion of science-fiction elements, the show quickly grew a fan base.

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 Roiland played Rick Sanchez as well as his grandson Morty Smith between 2013 and 2022. In addition to his voice work, Roiland collaborated with Dan Harmon as a founder and executive producer. 

Rick and Morty had become one of Adult Swim's most successful shows by the end of season one.The achievement of Rick and Morty spawned an entire franchise.

Rick and Morty-themed merchandise has been created and sold. Rick and Morty also have an app called "Pocket Mortys" in addition to the show.

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Squanchtendo, a portmanteau of Nintendo as well as the Rick and Morty character Squanchy, was launched by Roiland on August 25, 2016. Squanch Games was later renamed.

Accounting+, its first full-length title created in partnership with William Pugh's production company, was published for PSVR on Dec. 19, 2017.

Justin Roiland Quick Details 

Full Name:     Mark Justin Roiland   birthday:      21 February 1980    Parents:          Not Known Sister:          Amy Roiland

Wife/Ex-Girlfriend:  Adult Swim Education:       Sierra high  school/ Modesto Junior College Height:         1.78 m Weight:     171 lbs Hair Color:    Brown Eye Color:      Blue ethnicity:     Norwegian, Hungarian Irish, English, German Net worth:    $2 million

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