John Mayer's Biography

John Mayer is a singer-songwriter, record producer, and guitarist, from the United States. John has achieved major chart success in the United States and other countries thanks

to his guitar playing and artistic pursuit of stylish pop-rock songs.This knowledgeable musician is well-known for his solo work as well as his work as a member of the 'John Mayer Trio.'

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 He has millions of fans worldwide. He began playing the guitar just at age of thirteen and studied for two years.He began a musical career as a result of his tenacity and determination. His big break

came once he performed at the 2001 'South by Southwest Music Festival' in Austin, and he was signed by 'Aware Records' as a result. John, the recipient of seven 'Grammy Awards,' is also recognized for

experimenting with numerous musical genres.He later became effective across genres, attempting to establish himself in modern rock as well as broadening his scope to include blues.

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 'TIME' praised him for his "vigorous voice texture and emotional fearlessness." Most of his albums have been certified multi-platinum.

John Mayer's Early Life

On October 16, 1977, in Bridgeport, Connecticut, USA, John Clayton Mayer was born. He was raised in Fairfield. Richard Mayer, his father, was a high-school principal, and

Margaret Mayer, his mother, was a junior high English teacher. He has two older brothers.He attended the 'Center for Global Management at Brien McMahon High School' in Norwalk for his junior

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year.Seeing Michael J. he had become interested in the guitar. Fox performs in a film. After hearing Stevie Ray Vaughan's music, he became fascinated with blues music.He began playing guitarin bars 

as well as other venues while still in high school. He also played in the band 'Villanova Junction,' which included Rich Wolf,  Tim Procaccini, and Joe Beleznay.He was hospitalized at the age of 17

after being diagnosed with cardiac dysrhythmia. He stated that it was during this time that he realized he had a talent for songwriting as well. He also had panic attacks and is still taking

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anti-anxiety medication.He intended to forego college to pursue a profession in music, but his mom & dad persuaded him to enroll at the 'Berklee College of Music' in 1997 when he was 19 years old.

and began to perform at local clubs as well as other venues. They eventually split up, and Mayer embarked on a solo career.

John Mayer's Personal Life

Private Dancer, Turner's fifth song released in 1984, is widely regarded as her breakthrough album. It gave her progress at a time when

In 2002, he founded the 'Back to You Fund, an NGO that raises funds for healthcare, education, the arts, as well as talent development.He is a supporter of climate change awareness campaigns.

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He has performed for charity several times. He also supports this same 'Elton John AIDS Foundation.'Despite vowing to abstain from drugs early in his professional life, he admitted to

using marijuana in 2006. He was also embroiled in a major scandal after making "racist" remarks in a meeting, about which he later apologized.He is an avid watch collector.

 He sued to observe dealer Robert Maron for $656,000 in March 2014, alleging that seven of the watches he purchased from Maron contained counterfeit components.

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 However, Mayer issued a statement the following year claiming that the vendor never sold him a counterfeit watch.

John Mayer's Quick Details

Full Name: John Clayton Mayer Birthday: October 16, 1977 Age: 45 years Father: Richard Mayer Mother: Margaret Mayer

Brother/Sister: Ben Mayer, Carl Mayer   Wife/ex-girlfriends:  Know in Personal Life Children:  Will Updated Ethnicity:   Jewish, and Judaism. Height:  1.9 m Weight: 183 lbs Hair Color:   Brown Eye Color:  Brown Net worth:   $70 Million

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