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Jeff Gladney born on 12th December 1996 was an American football player  

 In high school Gladney signed in with Texas Christian University and was a three-star recruit 

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He played cornerback in the National Football League for two seasons.

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Jeff signed with Minnesota Vikings for 4 years for a reported value of $11 million

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His base salary was around $610K with a bonus of up to $1388 million.

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Jeff's ex-girlfriend accused him of domestic violence, but was found not guilty and was released on August 3 2022.

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 Gladney signed with Arizona Cardinals on March 16 2022,  participated in team drills and was trained in the offseason.

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 He won the title “second team All-big” award in 2018 and  “first-team All-big 12 “in 2019

Jeff has a son named Kingston Gee Gladney born on 24th February, there is no clue about his mother.

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Gladney and his girlfriend died in a car accident in Dallas, Texas at 2:30 am in a car accident.