Sir Elton Hercules John is a British singer, composer, and pianist. He is renowned all over as Rocketman.

He was born in Pinner, Middlesex(1947). John left the A-level examination at 17 to pursue a career in music.

John played his grandmother's piano at a young age. In 1967, John answered an advertisement in the British magazine New Musical Express.

In 1969, John released his debut album 'Empty Sky. He formed Elton John Band and gave 'Your song, his first top ten in the UK and US.

John's album's first single 'Border song, came 92 on the Billboard Hot 100. His album 'your song ranked on seven US singles charts.

John has an Elton John AIDS Foundation, which raised $600 million to support HIV-related programs in 55 countries.

To raise funds for World Health Organization's  COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund, John with Lady Gaga 'I'm Still Standing.

He married Canadian filmmaker David Furnish after same-sex marriage became legal in England in 2014.

John won Five Grammy awards, Golden Globe awards, and many more. He was Knighted by Queen Elizabeth 2 for music and charitable works.

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