Empty Sky is the debut album John released in both stereo and mono on 1969. Now, it is a rare collector's item.

Album itself is named 'Elton John. It is John's first release in the USA. The album includes 'Your Song nominated for Grammy.

Don't Shoot Me I'm Only the Piano Player is John's first no. 1 in the UK and second no. 1 in the US. 'Crocodile Rock hit the Billboard Hot 100.

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road is John's magnum opus. It traded over 20 million copies worldwide and got into the Grammy Hall of Fame.

Sleeping with the Past is the best-selling album dedicated to Bernie Taupin. The album features Sacrifice" and Healing Hands.

Breaking Hearts albums has four top-40 singles. It contains 'The quartet of John, Dee Murray, Davey Johnstone, and Nigel Olsson.

The Lockdown Sessions came during the COVID-19. It has three singles, Cold Hearts, After all, and Finish Line.

Rocketman is a biographical musical film of musician John, a renowned Rocketman. It won a Golden Globe and Academy award.

The Lion King, become the best-selling soundtrack to an animated film in the US. It traded around 7 million copies.

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