Ed Sheeran is a  famous Singer with his melodic voice

He is also a famous English songs writer with an amazing personality  

He is in  the hearts of people worldwide with his melodic voice  and won many awards  

ED is a famous actor with a rapper as well. His popularity increased especially after the release of his first album ‘+’

He is a very hardworking person who began recording music in 2004. His first work 'Spinning Man' was released independently.

Ed Sheeran was born on 17 February 1991 in Halifax, West Yorkshire  UK.

His father John was an artist and a lecturer while his mother Imogen was a cultural advertiser who later changed his currier as a  jewelry designer.

At an early age, Ed Sheeran was started playing the guitar as well as singing in the local church and He was sometimes  talks about Music with his fathers

Ed Sheeran has released two albums in 2006. The first album was named give one named after himself and the second one name is Want Some

He went to Los Angeles in April 2010 for a poetry night. After his performance, Jamie Foxx the famous comedian, who was impressed by his performance, 

Jamie Foxx, the famous American actor, and comedian was impressed by his performance, Foxx allowed him to use his recording studio.

Ed Sheeran has received numerous awards for his performances.  in 2014, at the BBC’s annual pop music awards, and the ‘American Music Award for Favorite Pop/Rock Male Artist in 2015.

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