Devin Booker's net worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth blog posts as of 2022, Devin Booker's net worth is around $30 million.  his sports career has given him approximately $65 million.

Just enough information to tell you about his ten essential items. he doesn't ever journey without these when flying from coast to coast.

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His Passport 

Devin Booker has consistently been a frequent traveler, as evidenced by his passport. Booker has been collecting passport stamps since the age of 12 years old, according to MSN.

  Playing Cards  

Booker enjoys playing cards in his free time. He did, however, grow up playing spades. Other NBA players are joining him in the casino-style game for 4 or more players.

Beats Pill 

He prefers to travel with his Beats Pill in the travel bag. Why's that? As a result, instead of music, he can watch professional sports games without sound.

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Wine Drop Stopper

Devin Booker has a thing for wine. It's a great tool for wine aficionados because it's used to create a pour place that prevents drips.

  Custom Notebook  

His Personal Notebook To write down his ideas and reflect on them. Who knew Devin Booker depended on a customized notebook in the sky?

Moss Point 

"Moss Point" refers to Booker's high school  Moss Spot High School in Moss Spot, Mississippi. Also, Air Force People were and continue to be his favorite brand of shoes.

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Goyard Bag

Devin Booker's take bag is a Maison Goyard bag. Goyard bags are pricey, but they can be used as both a backpack and a travel bag.

Patek 5711 

Devin Booker's favorite watch is his Patek rose gold 5711 . Melvin, Devin's father, collected watches, took great care of them, and even let his son dress them a few times.

Le Labo Fragrance

Devin Booker first encountered Le Labo fragrances while staying at The New York EDITION hotel in New York before they opened an on-site store.


Devin Booker didn't travel without his I PHONE  headphones, and it's not just so he can listen to music during his flight. It's actually due to the cords.

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