Marvel Most Loved Character Thor actor     Hemsworth have a estimated Net Worth of $130 Million.

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Chris Hemsworth Net Worth

Thor Fame  Hemsworth has an Expensive and luxury cars collection

Chris Hemsworth's   Luxury Cars  

In Car Collection,  Hemsworth's  1st car he owns is AUDI R8 at the price of  $197,000 USD.

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  Hemsworth  AUDI R8

In Suv Section Chris Own AUDI Q7 which has amazing comfort with luxury   price: $91,500 USD

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Thor Actor s AUDI Q7

One of the most important Cars that one  have is a CADILLAC ESCALADE Chris owns it  Price : $100,995 USD.

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  Chrishemsworth's CADILLAC ESCALADE

The next one is an ultra-luxury compact SUV  car name CADILLAC SRX   Price: $50,000 USD.

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  Hemsworth's CADILLAC SRX  

And the last one is ACURA MDX is the most Amazing SUV That Our Star owns   Price: $44,400 USD

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Chris Hemsworth's ACURA MDX