Cameron Diaz Life

Cameron Diaz is an American actress born in San Diego, California. Her full name is Cameron Michelle Diaz.


She studied at Long Beach Polytechnic High School. At 17, she features on the cover of Seventeen magazine.


Her debut film is The mask. Diaz starred in My Best Friend's Wedding, which became a global box-office hit.

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The highest earned comedy was a sleeper hit (1998). Diaz's film Charlie's Angels earned US$264.1 million.

Cameron Diaz Acting Career


Film Vanilla Sky got positive reviews. The film 'Being John Malkovich established Cameron as a dramatic actress.


Cameron Diaz appreciated her emotional role. There's Something About Mary gave her first Golden Globe nomination.

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Her other hits are In Her Shoes, What Happens in Vegas, Knight and Day, Bad Teacher, Annie, and many more. 

Cameron is also the author of two New York best-selling health books 'The Body Book and The Longevity Book.

Cameron Diaz Achievements


She is an environmental activist and raises awareness about climate change. Cameron won many awards for her acting carer.


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