An American singer and dancer Britney Spear is currently in the news. This time it is related to claims made by her ex-husband Kevin Federline about his children.

Kevin claimed that Britney's two teenage sons had not seen her in months. In June, they didn't even attend her mother's wedding.

Britney Spears responded to the claim of Federline story. She said it hurts her how he made the relationship with her sons public.

Federline said that both sons are angry over naked social media photos of Britney. But Britney reacts by saying it was on my Instagram when it happened before Instagram.

In her statement, she said that raising teenage boys is not easy for anyone. The fame in this business not only affects me but affects my children as well.

In July 2007, after getting divorced from Kevin Federline, she lost custody of her two sons, Preston and Jayden, to Federline. Even their Sons are not seeing her for months.

Britney blamed his controlling parents. Spears posted a picture of herself and the kids in 2021 with a comment - It is crazy how time flies since my "boys" are so grown up.

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