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 Robert Barisford Brown, born on 5th February 1969 is an American singer, songwriter and dancer.


 Bobby at the age of 12 years old, and his friends found the New Edition and signed a deal with Streetwise Records

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 Brown first solo album was debuted in 1968 “king of stage”

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 His first album didn’t make a name for him but he had an R&B hit with the ballad “Girlfriend “.

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 “Don’t be cruel”  launched in 1989 was his most successful solo album and had 5 top ten hits on the Billboard Hot 100

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Brown won a Grammy Award for the Best Male R&B Vocal Performance for the fourth single of “Every little step “in February 1990.


. Brown and his ex-wife Whitney Houston collaborated on “ Something is common “ which included the appearance of their daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown.


 Brown popularised the “Running man” dance. He was the one to teach Michael Jackson how to moonwalk.


Brown as a child was diagnosed with ADD and with bipolar disorder at the age of 32.


“I wanna dance with somebody “ a Whitney Houston biopic by Ashton Sanders in which Brown will be portrayed will release on Christmas 2022.