Vince McMahon announces retirement from WWE in the midst of misconduct investigation

Pro wrestling’s Vince McMahon announced his retirement from the WWE on Friday.

In a tweet posted at 405p.m. EDT, McMahon thanked the” WWE Universe” and said it was” time for me to retire” as he nears age 77.

” This is the company that he created, innovated, and he wanted to make sure in his withdrawal that he thanked all.

He thanked the WWE Universe,” she continued, before leading the crowd in chants of” thank you, Vince.”

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Vince McMahon had surrendered his CEO role

Back on June 17, Vince McMahon surrendered his CEO part. As the WWE board of directors appointed Stephanie McMahon as interim CEO
And co-chairwoman of the Stamford, Connecticut- grounded company until the inquiry’s conclusion.

The WWE board said to both the elder McMahon and John Laurinaitis, for “ alleged misconduct ” — but did not have the detail of any allegations.

The Wall Street Journal reported that the WWE board wants to know if McMahon paid a former hand $ 3 million. So she’d keep quiet about an affair the two had.

As per the review, the ongoing inquiry is also looking into allegations. Of other non-disclosure agreements involving former WWE workers.

2370523-vince-mcmahonVince McMahon’s Statements

Many CEOs are as associated with a product as McMahon is with pro wrestling. He’d appeared in WWE broadcasts and is aware to have had total control over scripts and stories.

McMahon said on Friday, that he is confident-CEOs Stephanie McMahon and Nick Khan will maintain the product’s quality.

“ Our global followership will continue to entertain. You with the same level, fidelity, and passion as always,” as per the elder McMahon.”

I’m confident in the uninterrupted success of WWE.”

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