UFC 275 fight, Jiri Prochazka will inform everyone who will listen that he is “dwelling the warrior route.”

Noon nearby time in Kallang, Singapore — past due Saturday into early Sunday on the other side of the sector in North America — fight fanatics throughout the globe saw Prochazka stroll that warrior path all the manner to UFC gold.

In UFC 275, Czech snatched a win from the gloves of Glover Teixeira:

UFC 275

The Czech snatched a win from the gloves of Glover Teixeira, claiming his light heavyweight championship within the technique with a 5th-round submission victory simply 28 seconds from what nearly absolutely changed into to be a unanimous decision loss at UFC 275.

“It becomes a true battle,” Prochazka (29-three, 28 finishes) said within the submit-combat interview.

For 24 minutes, and 32 seconds in UFC 275 fight, Prochazka and Teixeira drove one another to the threshold. The 29-12 months-antique challenger could pick out aside his foe one minute. The next: the Brazilian might defy his 42 years by using delivering a pounding from the mount, battering the person who became simply 9 years old whilst Teixeira (33-8, 28 finishes) grew to become seasoned in June 2002.

A wild round four pushed the world’s top 205-pounders deeper into hell in UFC 275:

Teixeira’s bullying barrage from the pinnacle built an early two-spherical lead at the judges’ scorecards. However even as Prochazka dropped every spherical, he left his mark on the champ as the clear alpha when status.

UFC 275 a

Preventing with urgency inside the third of five frames, Prochazka carved up the champion who has long hailed from Danbury, Conn., in view that immigrating as a young guy. It handiest got worse for Teixeira as the fight hit the floor, with the challenger taking his turn at meting out foremost harm from the top. Even a last-minute rally from Teixeira only managed to apparently stave off 10-eight scores from each choice; one legitimate nevertheless assessed the motion to that diploma.

A wild round 4 pushed the world’s pinnacle 205-pounders deeper into hell in UFC 275 fight. Teixeira two times attempted to faucet Prochazka with arm-triangle attacks — the latter seemingly the nearest he would get to ending the combat in the distance. However, Prochazka survived and thrived, allotting ache of his very own in a round that reasonably could have been scored both manners.

Unbeknownst to the combatants, Teixeira was inside the driver’s seat on the scorecards getting into the final 5 mins. Judges had Teixeira up, 39-37, 38-37, even as a third had it tied, 38-38. Barring any extra 10-8s — an unprecedented rating in MMA — Prochazka in all likelihood needed an end.

In UFC 275, Prochazka said it was a horrible fight, a horrible performance:

“From my aspect, it becomes s terrible combat, a horrible overall performance,” Prochazka later advised newshounds. “You noticed the fight. Some moments, I just survived a few moments. … My lifestyle to be dominant in the fight and now not just be the survivor; to be the hunter.”

UFC 275 b

The motion wasn’t trending in his manner. Teixeira, now, turned into touchdown-heavy photographs on the ft. Prochazka, now, changed into the point of defeat. But a guillotine chokes attempt because the champ had his tenacious challenger at the metaphorical ropes proved high-priced.

Prochazka weathered the storm, but with a minute remaining still regarded just 60 seconds or much less from his first loss in 6 ½ years. And then it occurred: he pounced on a gap left with the aid of the weary, growing old champion, locking in a choke from behind but neglecting the standard leg hooks for brought leverage and control.

Maximum times in MMA, a rear-naked choke without the hooks fails, specifically on a veteran grappler along with Teixeira who’d had his manner at the mat with Prochazka several times during the last 24 mins.

Now not this time. Teixeira knew he’d been beaten. It turned into a tap or nap; he chose a faucet.




“The warrior path” for Prochazka leads next through New York in UFC 275:

Prochazka said in the octagon. “I simply watched the moment what possibilities came before me.”

In his second triumph, Prochazka seemed equal elements thrilled and unfulfilled. He pointed out feeling “satisfied” while additionally critiquing his performance in UFC 275.

The new champ takes nothing far away from the antique one, telling assembled media later in the night that Teixeira’s grappling “pressure turned into extraordinary, nonetheless in his age.”

UFC 275 c

Teixeira later tweeted “Rematch??” even as tagging UFC 275 president Dana White, who changed into now, not in attendance. He turns 43 in October and spoke inside the lead-as much as his first identify defense of a dream state of affairs concerning a follow-up championship bout at Madison square lawn, probably inside the traditional early November window.

Perhaps “the warrior path” for Prochazka leads next via New York. What combat fan wouldn’t want that?

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