The two South Africans in Karnataka state Corona positive, again India is in danger

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All the people who came to Karnataka from South Africans were sent for Corona testing. In this, sample of two Africans in whom corona infection found were immediately send to lab for further. The new variant of Covid-19 is stirring in the world.

“From (November 1 to 26), a total of 94 people from South Africa, two of whom have been tested for Covid-19 regularly.2 South Africans in Bengaluru With ‘Normal Covid’, Imprisoned
They are both locked up in solitary confinement.

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Bengaluru: With fears of the spread of the new Covid strain ‘Omicron’, two South Africans have been tested positive for coronavirus, and their samples have been sent for testing for a different strain, a senior official said on Saturday.They were both housed alone and there was no need to worry, he said.

Speaking to reporters in Bengaluru, he said, both people with the virus are housed in isolation, employed by the authorities and their samples sent for further testing to determine the difference.
Nothing the ten countries identified as at high risk, the DC said all those who came out were subjected to forced labor, while those who were tested for authenticity were detained.

An estimated 584 people have arrived in Bengaluru from 10 high-risk countries from November 1 to 26, he said.
Recognizing that a number of new cases were discovered one week ago in countries such as Botswana, South Africa, Hong Kong and Israel, provincial Health Minister K Sudhakar earlier today said guidelines had been given at airports that referred to those from these countries to the country. the city should be inspected despite having a negative Covid inspection report, and they will be allowed out of the airport only after testing that they do not have it.

“Even after being diagnosed with the virus they will have to stay home and after seven days they will have to be re-tested, and after receiving a negative report, someone can leave,” he added.

Source NDTV

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