All Tommy Lee’s fans are in shock worldwide by his nude pic on social media.
Tommy Lee nude pic

Tommy Lee shared his most offensive pic on Instagram

Instagram has received a ton of flak for leaving Tommy Lee’s d**k photo up for so long that the social media site forbids showing female genitalia. A photo of the Mötley Crüe member’s crown jewels with the message “Ooooopppsss” was uploaded, shocking the internet.

And a big ooooopppsss to Instagram for letting the image remain online for a few hours.
Despite it being against the terms and conditions of the platform.
Tommy Lee nude selfie post on instagram

The community guidelines for Instagram are very specific on this: “We know there are times when people might wish to share nude photographs that are artistic or creative, but for several reasons, we don’t allow nudity on Instagram.

This comprises images, movies, and some produced content that features close-ups of fully-nude buttocks, genitalia, and sexual activity.
Tommy Lee
The intern must have been at work that day, then.
One fan wrote: “I can’t believe no other singer has thought to display their complete dick on their main before. The musician stunned many of his followers with his explicit shot. It delighted the algorithm. Tommy Lee is brilliant.

Hilarious spark on Twitter and Instagram in Tommy Lee’s post

Tommy Lee
Tommy Lee taking his helicopter out on Instagram wasn’t on the 2022 bingo card, but here we are, according to another.

According to a third commenter, the future of music marketing is Lee altering his bio to New Album Out Now and uploading his entire dick. That’s it moving forward. Dicks on the main
One reader wrote: “How is Tommy Lee’s hog still up on Instagram?
But when I post an artsy nude with a wisp of a nipple my entire account gets flagged,” about Instagram’s double standards for censoring women’s bodies.
Tommy Lee
Another person said: “A female reveals a breast and it gets removed within minutes, but Lee’s dick photo can be up for hours.”
Has Tommy Lee made any comments since posting the image? The answer is no.

He did, yet, post a provocative Instagram message immediately after publishing his now-deleted nude selfie.
Additionally, as of the time of posting, Instagram had not yet issued a statement.
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