Deep into the fifth episode of “The Captain,” ESPN’s new documentary acknowledges the issues of cracking its chosen subject.

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Derek Jeter Documentary-“The Captain” Overview

Derek Jeter might’ve been a stellar shortstop and a historic Yankees player whose meteoric rise and waning career mirrored his team’s own trajectory as a New York sports regime. But he is also, according to both himself and the many infuriate reporters who couldn’t get past his surface, a meticulous interview.

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Derek Jeter confirms, letting loose a genuine grin at the admission. He even goes on to say that “there are things I still won’t talk about” here, now, for the apparently extensive docuseries about his personal world (which premieres July 18 after the Home Run Derby and will run 7 episodes in total).


That contravention lies at the heart of Randy Wilkins’ “The Captain,” which generally only goes as deep as  Derek Jeter himself can permit.

The series that emerges within early episodes, as per Derek Jeter himself, is one of a proficient skilled who worked arduously, attained success and avoided distractions at all costs.

As a rule, the nearest  Derek Jeter gets to revealing anything remotely personal is acknowledging how much growing up racial in Kalamazoo, Michigan formed his “gotta be twice as good as everyone else” mentality going forward. Jeter as “colorless” — a direct quote from a Yankees beat reporter in a later episode, much to Jeter’s clear and atypical fury — couldn’t be further from the truth.


Derek Jeter’s Perception

This discussion about the view of Derek Jeter, as a star and as a Black athlete who got passes others even on his team didn’t, proves particularly enchanting. It just comes several episodes into the series which feels away too, to keep casual ESPN fans engaged when they otherwise might’ve changed the channel at the first mention of race.

When talking about baseball, Derek Jeter follows his quotes as straightforwardly as possible. The difference between him and someone like Alex Rodriguez, his more blustering rival turned teammate, couldn’t be starker than in contrast remembrances of grievances past, as Rodriguez throws up his hands about putting his foot in his mouth while Jeter passes a smile. With Jeter being far from the interview in the series, “The Captain” certainly becomes more elicitation on the Yankees of the late 90’s and
early aughts as a cultural bandwagon, while remaining anchored to Derek Jeter’s presence as its chronicle constant.






he docuseries will feature interviews with Derek Jeter’s family, friends and sports collogue, including his parents, his sister, and his wife Hannah Jeter. Mariano Rivera, Alex RodriguezRoger Clemens, Tino Martinez, Andy Pettitte, Jorge Posada, Willie Randolph, CC Sabathia, Darryl Strawberry, Joe Torre, Bernie Williams, Fat Joe, and Jadakiss are also there in the docuseries.

“The Captain” becomes that much more mesmerizing, in spite of its subject’s best efforts, and is produced by Lee, Tollin, Mandalay Sports Media, Excel Media, and Connor Schell, in alliance with the sports person’ Tribune and Major League Baseball.

“The Captain” premieres Monday, July 18 at 10 pm on ESPN and ESPN+.

Exclusive! Docuseries on Derek Jeter -"The Captain" release on july 2022
Exclusive! Docuseries on Derek Jeter -“The Captain” release on july 2022
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