Angela Yee’s fans were in shock to see her tweet on Tuesday, “The Breakfast Club” is officially over.
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Is “The Breakfast Club” over?

In a shocking social media message, radio broadcaster Angela Yee informed her followers that the venerable radio program Breakfast Club, in which she appears, “is over.”

One of the longest-running hip-hop radio programs. The Breakfast Club has had many notable guests, including former US President Barack Obama and celebrities like Kendrick Lamar, Jay-Z, and Kanye West.
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Yee and Charlemagne Tha God co-hosted The Breakfast Club with DJ Envy. One of the most well-known radio shows in the area has been airing since 2010 on Power 105.1 FM.

Yee shared the news on social media but hasn’t elaborated or followed up on what she meant by her statement.
Even while the statement appears to be final, there are still a variety of opinions on what it implies for the show’s future.

The Breakfast Club

There is no official announcement about “The Breakfast Club” going off air

Perhaps she means that the trio won’t be hosting together any longer because she says that the show is officially over as fans know it.
Although no official announcement has yet been made to confirm this hypothesis.
Some fans on social media have assumed the worst and believe the program is ending.
Just prior to tweeting this news Yee also published a “GOD is Good!” message on social media, however it’s not clear if the two posts are related.
To yet, neither DJ Envy nor Charlamagne have made any posts in response to Yee’s article.