Texas is having sales tax holidays or tax-free weekends.1st weekend of August came with a surprise. On Friday, August 5, Parents are heading toward stores to buy school supplies.
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School supplies, backpacks, clothes, computers, and footwear are low-priced than on usual days. This initiative is not too old. It started to give the rebate on things related to school. San Antonio schools are about to open, and parents have a long list of things to purchase. This weekend is the perfect time to buy those items.

Tax-Free weekend applies on :

  • Buying clothing and shoes for less than $100,
  • Less than $50 for school equipment,
  • Students study supplies and electronic devices.

A tax-free weekend helps you to save up to 80%. The list varies from state to state. 
The tax-free things do not need any tax exemption paperwork. You can easily purchase the items from stores or online retailers. The list of items is on the State Comptroller‘s website.
You cannot purchase everything because there are some exempted items as well. They are ziplock bags, headphones, tissues, and other accessories. So, Holly Wilson (Director of Consumer Credit Counseling Service) said to purchase those items first, which long lasts. Then buy those things which are cheaper than its brand name.

Tax holiday lowers the burden on parents who struggles to buy school supplies. Now, they can focus only on the study of their children. It is the best way of taking advantage of the tax-free weekend.


Tax-Free weekend starts on August 5 (Friday) and ends on Sunday, August 7. The tax-free weekend only applies to State sales tax. Buy things within the specified timeframe.

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