Tanya Pardazi,
a TikTok influencer, was 21 dies. When she
tragically perished in a skydiving accident.
Woman killed in skydiving accident in innisfil, Ont. identified as U of T student
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21-year-old TikTok Influencer Tanya Pardazi Dies in Skydiving Accident

Friends of the former Miss Canada semifinalist claim that on August 27.
Tanya Pardazi passed away while participating in the activity in Ontario, Canada.

In the air during her first solo course. Tanya Pardazi opened her parachute too late. According to a statement from the skydiving firm.
The wannabe beauty queen was taken to the hospital but later declared dead.
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In a statement, Skydive Toronto said: “A skydiving student, age 21, passed away.
Due to catastrophic injuries sustained in an emergency circumstance.
Without giving the reserve parachute enough time or space to inflate.
The skydiver opened his swiftly rotating main parachute at a low height.

“The Skydive Toronto crew is presently collaborating with the South Simcoe Police on their investigation,” it continued.
New friends and fellow skydivers of the student at Skydive Toronto Inc.
They will miss the jumper, who was a welcome recent addition to the skydiving community.
Skydive Toronto claimed that the disaster had “profoundly damaged” them.
Because they had spent more than 50 years perfecting their student training program.

According to a South Simcoe Police Service spokesman.
They are doing their best to confirm the actual cause of death and an investigation is still going on.
 TikTok Influencer, 21, Falls to Her Death in Skydiving Accident
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When Tanya Pardazi had almost 100,000 TikTok followers.

Earlier, she competed in the Miss Canada beauty pageant.
And advanced to the semi-finals in 2017.

She was also enrolled in philosophy courses. At the University of Toronto, where she also possessed a student ID.
The devastating news definitely affects Pardazi ‘s fans.
They pay tribute to her in the comments area of her TikTok posts.
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