Stray The Amazing & Adventurous Game Review: Play As A Cat

Stray has many things same as in the other adventure games. In this game, a player has to solve puzzles, navigate a dense urban environment and make use of stealth to stay away from powerful enemies.



A player plays as a cat in an adventurous game Stray:

In Stray, there are characters to make friends with and things to collect but there is one main difference between Stray and its fellows you can play as a cat. This is a kind of twist you will enjoy in the game but in reality, the change in outlook makes Stray feel amazingly new. A player will be in a big, difficult world, but the player will be able to see it from the ground level.

Stray changes everything from the investigation to the puzzles and it’s mixed with a sweet and sour storyline that swings between happiness, heartbreak, and sometimes in a horror too. These features of the game make it the best game of the year. In Stray, a player plays as a cat without any name that finds itself different from its friends at the starting of the game and dives into an underground world that is filled with fellow robots rather than people.

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The storyline of Stray gives their players a nice twist on the classic quiet supporter:

At the starting point of the Stray, the main goal is to get back to the surface as soon as possible as the hunt became something else. Further, the cat will be joined by B12 which is the name of the cute drone, and the mysteries of the underground world will start increasing. As you come up to the surface, you will get closer to the layer of the robot society. On top of the robot society, there are zurks which are mysterious bugs like monsters that eat everything they see.

The storyline of Stray gives their players a nice twist on the classic quiet supporter. The hero of the game never talks because it’s a cat says Link from The Legend of Zelda. The players can communicate through translation with the help of a drone buddy, but in Stray actions speaks louder than word.


The controls in Stary are a little different than a typical adventure game:

Stray the game is based on various genres depending upon an instant that is going to happen further in the game. Players more time will be spent on finding out as a small cat how to get near a verticle city. The controls in this game are a little different than a typical adventure game as you can move freely around, The player will click a jump button only when they see an X appearing on a shelf.

Stray the game lets you wait but doesn’t make you wait for a longer time while welcoming you. While playing this game the player couldn’t put it until he finish it as it increases the curiosity to know what happens next.

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