Spinner Ajaz Patel, third player in the history of cricket to take all 10 wickets in the innings.

Ajaz Patel
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 New Zealand’s Ajaz Patel took the rare wicket in all 10 wickets to advance to India’s first innings in Mumbai on the second day of the second Test at Wankhede Stadium. Ajaz Patel on Saturday became the third player in Test cricket history to do so. He, along with England midfielder Jim Laker and former India captain Anil Kumble, dismissed 10 opposition team players in the innings. 

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Ajaz Patel  continued to throw well from day one where he won four wickets. On the morning of the second day of the ongoing Test with India, Ajaz Patel again harassed the Indian batsmen and went online to take the remaining six wickets.

Ajaz Patel took 10 wickets in 119 runs in 47.5 overs. The fall of the 10th wicket will always be on the minds of New Zealand players when Mohammad Siraj caught in the middle of the ball hitting something high.

India came out on top in the first innings with 325 runs and Mayank Agarwal scored the final goal with 150 runs. Axar Patel also hit 50 in his first cricket match.

Jim Laker won all ten of the second innings of the fourth Test against Australia at Manchester’s Old Trafford Stadium in 1956. Laker took 19 wickets in the match, finishing first with 9/37 innings and second with 10/53.

Anil Kumble all 10 were eliminated in the second memorable Test match against Pakistan at Feroz Shah Kotla Stadium, New Delhi, now Arun Jaitley Stadium, finishing 10/74 in the second innings, taking wickets 4 for the first time.

Patel’s effort on Saturday at Wankhede Stadium fell to one of the best cricketers in Test cricket as he returned 10/1 with 191 points.

The left-arm spinner threw 47.5 overs in India’s first innings to achieve this unusual.


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