Attorney at Law, the superhero legal comedy from Marvel Studios, has reached its conclusion
She-Hulk reviews

She-Hulk: Brand new Marvel series get the critic’s review

She-Hulk, starring Tatiana Maslany as Jennifer Walters, a gifted attorney who acquires Hulk powers, launched its first episode on Disney+ on Thursday (18 August).
Reviewers have generally given the series favorable reviews, praising its comic tone and lead performance.

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Here is what the critics have said:

In Variety, Caroline Framke writes: “She-Hulk is entertaining enough as it bounces from one antics to another, especially in Maslany’s adept hands
It also represents an unsteady balancing act that needs more time than it has to find its own groove because of its responsibilities to the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe.
A smaller budget than its film peers, and attempts to inject Jen’s story with out-of-date #girlboss energy.
“It doesn’t have the emotional depth, the complexity, or the technical brilliance of Wanda Vision,” argues Lucy Mangan of The Guardian.
It lacks youthful vigor and a unique perspective like Ms. Marvel’s Islamic perspective. However, you will have a blast for at least 28 minutes straight. And who, right now, has the audacity to demand anything more?

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law is different from any of Marvel’s prior Disney Plus endeavors.
It could take some viewers some time to get used to the format, according to David Craig, who gave the show four stars in his review for Radio Times.
The modest stakes are a welcome change of pace from the post-apocalyptic circumstances of the big-screen outings.

But the show’s compelling lead performance and rapid-fire jokes make it a joyous experience to get swept up in (and indeed, our day-to-day lives). She-Hulk is pure entertainment.
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She-Hulk television series

The She-Hulk crew has a strong background in comedy writing

Crew has a strong background in comedy writing (with alums from Robot Chicken, On My Block, Santa Clarita Diet, and actual comics).
But, the program is still looking for its identity because it is struggling to integrate into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
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Create Phase 4, and establish this character in a superhero-filled universe, according to Proma Khosla’s article for Indie Wire.
“There’s no clue of where She-Hulk is going in the four episodes that were presented for critics.”
The show is streaming on Disney+, and new episodes are released every Thursday.