“Mr. Malcolm’s List”
has a delectable light charm. A character in the Regency romance movie, which is set in London in 1818, is deceived at every turn.
 Mr. Malcolm's List | Movie review
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Mr. Malcolm’s List film Reviews and Update

Productions that have chosen to take a more varied approach to cast. They have recently given the tired genre of costume dramas a lift. 
The traditional stories’ trademarks are all present. In Amando Iannucci’s David Copperfield and Netflix’s big hit Bridgerton.

But with stars who reimagine character archetypes in fresh ways. And who speak to a larger audience than in past generations.
Here, a magnificent cast brings Suzanne Allain’s 2009 book Mr. Malcolm’s List to life.
The story is set in 19th-century England, and Sope Dirisu plays Mr. Malcolm.
An eligible bachelor who hasn’t found a mate. Because of society’s strict criteria for marriage.
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Julia Thistlewaite (Zawe Ashton) learns Malcolm has a list of standards. That all prospective wives must achieve after feeling slighted by him.

She develops a plot of retaliation involving the kind-hearted Selina Dalton out of rage (Frieda Pinto).
The plot is a typical material for fans. Jane Austen-style escapades, albeit lacking Bridgerton’s explicit nature.
The writing, while not wholly unexpected.
It is entertaining and fits in with the witty one-upmanship.
We’ve seen it on screen lately (such as Whit Stillman’s 2016 comedy Love and Friendship).
The cast of the movie “Mr. Malcolm’s List” shines, as they all seem to be the right fit for their respective roles.

Diversity for diversity’s sake can be detrimental. But in this case, Mr. Malcolm’s List director Emily Holly Jones has chosen the best actor for each part, not just the most expensive.
As the antagonist, Ashton is delightfully caustic, and Dirisu excels.
At exposing the deep vulnerabilities hiding beneath the formality a la Mr. Darcy.
With a portrayal that is honest without becoming monotonous.
A difficult combination to strike in comedy. Pinto effortlessly moves through the self-absorbed mob.
Even though Mr. Malcolm’s List is a formulaic historical drama.
Its plot is engaging enough to appeal to fans of the genre.