Randy Chrisley net worth biography with amazing facts
Randy Chrisley net worth biography with amazing facts

Randy Chrisley’s Bio/Wikipedia

Todd and Randy Chrisley are brothers

Randy Chrisley is popular in public because of his elder brother Todd Chrisley, who is a popular real estate tycoon, a reality TV personality, and an upcoming fashion icon. He got into limelight in the public because of his elder brother Todd Chrisley. Family lead member if achieved the fantastic position in his life than all family receiving good benefits from there influence.

  Randy Chrisley net worth biography with amazing facts
Randy Chrisley net worth biography with

The same has been the case with him He has popularly known on behalf of his brother Todd Chrisley because is a famous as celebrity brother Randy Chrisley in the media.

His brother’s popularity has seemed on his face many times but not many people know about him. He was come and earned much amount of limelight When he worked on his brother’s TV series for the first time. Randy Chrisley Todd Chrisley’s brother played minor roles in the TV series “Chrisley Knows the best” and this TV reality show showcased the series relating to the affluent lives of Todd’s family.

If we are talking about his career No doubt, his brother has played a huge role in building up Randy’s career. He has not made much of the headlines like his elder brother, but few interesting stories are there in the past.

Today in this article we would discuss all about him carrier life and faimily in detailed.

Early life

Randy Chrisley Age/Birthday

Randy is a very lucky person and he has been in the limelight for being the younger brother of Todd Chrisley. Randy was born in Westminster in Southern California on Aug 28, 1970, According to his Birthday age is 52 years old, And he was raised in Georgia


His father’s name is Gene Raymond Chrisley and his mother’s name is Faye Chrisley. His father was a veteran in the US Army who even won bronze for the country after serving in the Korean War. In my childhood days, Randy’s mother had a great workload and this was even mentioned by Randy how much their mother did to provide them everything. .

Randy Chrisley’s siblings

Randy has two siblings one is his elder brother and another is his late brother Derrick Chrisley who passed away in 1971. But nothing much is mentioned by Randy regarding his late brother. 


Now we are talking about him education and qualifications. He was born in Westminster with his family members and he had completed his schooling from West Oak high school in 1984. As per the information sources, there is no solid report confirming that Randy continued his studies even after high school.   

Randy Chrisley Quick Facts

Full NameRandy Chrisley
BirthdayAug 28, 1970
Birth PlaceWestminster, South Carolina (USA)
Height6 Feet
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorLight Brown

Randy Chrisley’s career

Then the topic rises of Randy Chrisley’s career; he began working in the real estate industry at a very young age. His brother Todd always provided the best support and did very well with his 100 % efforts career but unfortunately Randy has not achieved as like his brother successful carrier.

But that seems to doom his career because the popularity of Todd Chrisley has helped Randy to gain popularity and it even gave him a chance to give the best shape to his career. But slowly Todd earned huge popularity meanwhile Randy’s career got dim in front of his brother’s carrier.

He tried to giving shape his career when he joined the RS service where he worked as an agent since 2001. Randy may have many other business dealings but not much information is available on the sources related to his carrier.

His brother’s reality show “Chrisley Knows Best” was one of the turning points in Randy’s career. It is stated that Randy did not appear as the lead cast but whatever minor appearances he had got it was one of the best moments of his career.

What happened to randy Chrisley in South Carolina?

Back in 2016, Randy was arrested for shoplifting in South Carolina. The reason for his arrest according to several reports Randy had stuffed several bags of candy worth around $22.When the police arrived Randy was in the queue but he later tried to move away but could not because of the CCTV cameras installed, the cops charged him and did an inquiry.

Later at the end of the inquiry, Randy admitted that he had stuffed the candy in bags without paying for them. This incident led to a dark image for Randy in front of the public.

Personal life of Randy Chrisley

Randy Chrisley’s Wife

We are talking about the personal life of Randy Chrisley. It is known that the businessman had dated his ex-wife Pamela for a short time just before getting married in 2012. A Serious issue rose in the relationship between Randy and Pamela Later in 2016.

  Randy Chrisley net worth biography with amazing facts
Randy Chrisley with his ex wife

When she had raised accusations of identity against Randy. During this tough time, Brother Todd came to save him and defended Randy claiming that Pamela was a gold digger and was only there with Randy because of the property that the Chrisley family owns.

  Randy Chrisley net worth biography with amazing facts
Randy Chrisley net worth biography with amazing facts

Their divorce took place and Pamela got arrested on the charges of 2nd-degree harassment. Randy and Pamela don’t have any children together, but Randy has a son from his first relationship, but the details and the identity of his son’s mother is clearly not known and it’s kept wrapped for many years.

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Is Randy Chrisley Still Alive?

Other than about relationships when discussing about personal life in 2014 . Randy was diagnosed with the 4th stage of cancer and was in a severe condition. And though he was admitted for quite a long time in the hospital. His condition was so serious that many thought that he would not survive.

But his good luck and help of extensive chemotherapy and the blessings from his family helped him a lot to fight back such a dangerous disease and he lifted himself from that situation. The major help was from his brother Todd. As per the reports, it is said that Randy did a quick recovery and is now leading a healthy life.

Randy Chrisley’s Net Worth

Randy is a businessman and over the past years, he has been involved in business so it’s quite natural that he must have earned a lot from his business. Although the exact and specific amount is not known regarding his earnings, it can be said that Randy Chrisley has an estimated net worth of $1 million.

Talking about the elder brother Todd Chrisley he had been facing severe financial crises for the past several years. Despite this, he lives an extravagant lavish life in his 30,000 square feet mansion and spends around $300.000 on his clothes. Hence it is seen from the lifestyle of both the brothers that they have been spending a very lavish life and they have successfully maintained their fashion icon tag. 

Some facts about Randy Chrisley’s life

  • Randy Chrisley is a real estate businessman and talking about his career he was not as successful as his elder brother Todd Chrisley, but he couldn’t make a big name and rather opted for a new job.
  • He was arrested for stealing $22 worth of candy.
  • Randy’s wife Pamela has a criminal record too.
  • He took divorce from his wife and is currently living a single life.
  • Randy Chrisley has a net worth of $I million.


Let us Come to a conclusion Randy Chrisley is a businessman who is not as popularly known on behalf of his elder brother Todd Chrisley and he made some popularity when he appeared in his brothers’ TV show. He could not make a name popular like his brother and stayed away from the limelight. Nothing is known as to what he is doing now because it seems that after recovering from Cancer he is taking care of his health.   

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Who is Randy Chrisley?

he is popularly known as the younger brother of Todd Chrisley and a successful real state business man.

How many siblings does Randy Chrisley have?

His elder brother is Todd Chrisley, a famous business tycoon. And he had a younger brother but sadly he died during the days of Randy’s childhood.

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